Lack of ritualistic behaviors can lead to?

I was wondering if there is any danger to not using any ritualistic behaviors in regards to cleansing banishing etc. For example if you have been evoking goetia spirits for around five months and never did a cleansing or banishing… would the energy from them still linger around? Could you implement this energy to your advantage, if so how?


An elitist would say, in an old wizardly voice, “It’s dangerous, you fool! Don’t you know you can get ATTACKED? You can DIE!”

Whereas I would tell you, “It doesn’t matter if you banish or not.” I never, ever perform banishes, cleansing, or what have you. None of that stuff, and I’ve had great success in majority of my workings.

In my opinion, banishment and cleansing are tools to make you feel more ‘secure,’ and ‘safe’ so you don’t perform an evocation (or something else) in a worried/anxious state. That’s all there is to it.


Agreed, I believe we see eye to eye on the idea that rituals are for immersion. What do you think are the benefits of not banishing or cleansing? I heard on some youtube channel if you keep their energy around you can tap into it. What do you think?


Nah, I don’t believe that. As I’ve said, I think the matter is psychological in nature. Banishment rituals and cleansing serve a purpose to make the mage feel ‘secure,’ and ‘safe’ before performing an evocation, or some other ritual of grand importance.

Are they useful? Yeah, for someone who’s a worrywart. For someone who doesn’t give a damn, and goes on to make a pact with “ze dedli devuls!” they’re useless.

And, yes, I’m feeling rather snarky today.


I don’t banish but I do cleanse when the energy builds up to the point where there is too much ‘activity’ and it starts becoming noticeable by others. For ex: loud knocking or footsteps in the night that sends my dog into a barking frenzy or my infant keeps staring at certain walls/corners in her room and waving at something, etc. but it’s not something I plan or worry about during rituals.


EA talks about that in Works of Darkness. He doesn’t banish until and unless the energies are causing problems because when they build up, they make materialization of the spirit easier. He only did so when his family started to be negatively affected.


I banish nowadays.
I remember calling the gatekeepers before when I used to do lbrp.
Not sure which ones energy lingered but I remember that whenever I stepped in the circle I felt that negative energy sucking me in and making me feel depressed.
I did basic saltwater infused with light type of cleansing and didn’t feel that negativity anymore.
Now I just do it now and then when it gets too much.


Banishing is an important technique. It is necessary to learn, in my opinion, before attempting evocation. Banishing clears the area of unwanted energy that does not correspond to your will. Moreover, if an entity is an imposter or hostile, you can remove it effectively.


If you want to banish, but do not want to learn any of the more involved rituals, like the LBRP, then you could try the banishing invocation from Kingdoms of Flame. EA also gives it in Works of Darkness. It clears the area of any and all energies.

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Here’s how I do it (the basic method is so simple that it shows up in the onebox below):



I believe so. There are a lot of factors involved. Who are you evoking? What is your intent? Are you performing traditional Goetic evocation or are you taking a more daemonolatry-based approach? If I was performing traditional Goetic evocation I would triple up on banishings. You are not going to make any friends, so having any link or residual energy after the act is probably not great. On the other hand, even if you are on good terms with the disincarnate(s) you are evoking, your intent still applies. If you are doing money magick it might not be awesome to have a bunch of residual energy around from when you destroyed an enemy the week before.

Yes!!! I have found that having dedicated ritual space for specific types of work, or working with specific entities, can make the connection with either both easier and stronger. I just “don’t like to mix flavors”,lol. Immersion is a big part of it, but I firmly believe that this is not the only factor from my own experiences.