Lack of desire

I’ve found lately that I have a lack of desire for wanting material things such as sex or love. I was doing a working a few weeks ago to obtain a girl I like and who likes me as a friend, but as I was doing the ritual I felt empty. This has been going on for quite a while now and I feel like it’s screwing around with my magick. I love magick, the occult, etc, and being a practitioner of the black arts, but I can never muster up enough desire inside during the working. The same thing happened a while back for another girl I liked, but once again, as I was in the middle of the ritual I felt empty.

How can I help increase the feelings inside me to actually have the magick do its work?


You’re going through the same thing I went through, it’s like no matter what you have your heart is still a empty barren wasteland, I literally had no desire for anything that was material.

That led me to search for godlike knowledge of deeper understandings of magick, to travel all worlds and to master manipulating my own godlike power.

I believe when this happens to us it’s not that there’s anything wrong with us, but instead i believe it may be your god self, taking away the need or desire for pathetic material goals.

This allows us to achieve goals that will last us after death. Knowledge, wisdom, power, to see all, to experience all.

I see it as a opportunity maybe that’s how you should look at it.


Ok. Saw this. Are you on any psychotropic medications? If you are, there’s your problem. Also, if you get off of them, all your desire will return to you. Keep in mind, psychotropic medications will completely deaden your spiritual senses. This is something that you may find a “needful thing” in crisis. (See the movie “Needful Things” for further clarification ), but work against you in the astral realm. Remember , if your senses are deadened, so will any communication in the Astral realm by your competitors.

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Keep doing the rituals anyway, if you still would like a girlfriend. Sometimes we get a little burn out. Maybe branch out and focus on something else for awhile?

You think it might be a good exercise though, having those senses tuned to a trickier frequency? Like swimming with weights. Imagine how strong they might be once they try it without medication.

In all honesty, I think I’m going through something similar, but it probably just has a lot to do with life entering a new phase. I only seem to be into finding that new “breakthrough” in magic. Some new wisdom.

It also sounds like clinical depression too.


I agree with you. It is necessary to be very careful when removing medication from the equation. In my experience, coming off antidepressants was slow, and required high doses of methylated B-12. (methylcobalamin). Under no circumstances do I suggest someone come off them without thoroughly researching all side effects of doing so. I am not a practitioner of medicine, nor should any of these comments be construed as medical advice.

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Yeah, some meds are like a carpet yanked right out from under you when you stop them.

On the other hand, it could also be useful to not desire/being somewhat detached or, finally, to accomplish (during magic) a particular alchemy between desire itself and the will.

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I hope my comment doesn’t seem offensive. But do you watch Porn and masturbate a lot? I seen countless of people who fell empty of desire because of that.

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Thanks for all the replies. I think I’m just at a point where I seek Gnosis more than any material thing. Been reading a lot about Hermetics and Gnosticism lately and I think my true will is pointing me towards knowledge and power over material possessions. I’m going to keep on this path and learn and absorb all that I can.

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