Kurukulla the Glorious Red Tara

Several months ago I began a Kurukulla practice where I lit a candle
and repeated one of her many mantras for one japa every morning.
Here is a quote from John Reynolds, a Lama in NYC who has many
books published on various Tibetan subjects.

Red Magic or Vashya-karma (dbang gi phrin-las) has the function of bringing people under one’s power, of enchanting, bewitching, attracting, subjugating, magnetizing them. This is the primary function of Kurukulla and hence her red color.

After I complete one Japa each day I have requested help on various
matters. Over time Kurukulla has answered several requests. One wish
that manifested regarded an image that I was trying to photograph for 10 years and never succeeded. I did capture the image I wanted and
perceive this as a real breakthrough.

It is said that if one accumulates 10,000 Mantras you will have the
ability to magnetize people and with 100,000 Mantras under your
belt you will have the ability to magnetize kings. A favorite
prayer that I say to her is, “In short, may all our wishes, whatever we
may think, be spontaneously accomplished without effort.”

I am nearing 10,000 Mantras and hope to receive her Empowerment
from a Lama in March. I believe the Goddess will be pleased if
others begin a practice to her that was encouraged by this post.
I am honored to have Kurukulla in my life.


Great insightful post that sheds more light on the Red Tara!

Thanks for sharing.

Any new findings with Kurukulla the Red Tara? I stumbled upon a discription of her and thought YEEEEEEEESSSS. This is what I need!

Which mantra did you do for the Japas?

here is the Mantra :slight_smile:

Jason Miller has spoken highly of its manifestation attributes in his book “The Sorcerer’s Secrets”-

Tried to repeat it last night in my sleep.Maybe I did hit 100 while mumbling in my sleep.

I did manage to start our broken down car in the traffic through it and do a couple of other things all day today which appeared to be cool manifestations no matter how sceptically I saw them.

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Without going into details I would just say that mahavidyas are entities way above the non dual plane and even god/ishwara does their sadhana. Each mahavidya has infinite sub dieties under them. Kurukulla is one sub diety under the banner of goddesses Tara. I wish I knew all about her mantras, rituals and sadhanas.