Kundalini yoga

I’m interested in starting Kundalini yoga, but there’s a lot of different yoga’s out there.

My question, is there a yoga to start with as a foundation and then move on to the Kundalini yoga? Also after I’ve mastered that are there any suggestions on which yoga I can do next? (if there is a line of secession) Thanks.

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The free energywork primer course is a good starting point


Thanks I’m reading up on it now.

Some dank basic kundalini yoga




I started a few days ago and it is totally amazing. I feel this absolute connection, followed by this completeness that I felt many years ago and it is the best! I think it’s like $9 or $14 a month and you get access to over 100 classes average 1 hour long. Amazing stuff!

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I did a lot of Qigong myself

Good evening Rungr I’m interested in Qi gong, do you have any advice or suggestions where a complete novice like myself should start. Thanks.

I personally just looking into online videos for beginners, of course there’s also qigong classes around me too that I’ve looked into. Either works and it’s a nice feeling to do solo. I tend to do small things first and work my way up to the movements.

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Great info :+1:

YMAA apps has several Qigong programs for a device

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