Kundalini Yoga, the awakening of the serpent and Azazel

Hello everyone,

Been reading tons here, so haven’t been making many any posts as of yet.

My original post was on the potential consequences of psychiatric drugs and their effect on the abilities of the practicitioner.
I do appreciate all your responses and experiences in the usage and manipulation of the mind in using of such drugs as tools for their various purposes.

Since your well recieved responses, I have been taking the medication prescribed to me to combat the effects of type 1 bipolar and severe depression, and finding that they provide extreme focus, as the polarity does not consume me past the point of my will.

In the days following this I have found perhaps by the will of the universe in conjunction of some of the writings of Crowley, Kundalini yoga.

I have been going twice per day and everything in me is saying I should become a teacher and make it part of my permanent path in life.

I would like to ask the members here about their experiences if relevant, the awakening of the serpent energy, or experience of the serpent as a being that teaches us the importance of free form of motion, discipline of stillness, and of course the potency of gnosis in the power of meditation.
I feel as though there is a serpent at the base of my spine, that had been coiled sleeping or waiting? For me to make conscious decisions, to challenge my subconscious to be relieved its worldly shackles.
I have only researched this kundalini for a very short period, but have a wood idol of Shiva that is in my profile picture, with what looks like a cobra over his shoulder, that seems to be the serpent I am experiencing.
Any insight is appreciated.

In addition to this conversational point, I have been experiencing as perhaps just by looking intrigued by this forum Azazel. I have a figure clothed in black, entirely black that has come now twice in dreams and in waking meditation, that is offering what seems to be a wealth of power and abundance. As Azazel seems to have extended the olive branch I have not yet taken it consciously, but have now found the Serpent of Shiva since the dream and mediations.

Thank you all again for your help and insights into the matters.


That’s how he appears to me as well, he’s sometimes taken other forms but usually, dapper and entirely jet black. Nothing much to say on the rest but I have faith you’ll find your way. Would be nice to have some Kundalini/Yoga teachers out there who are not on the meta-suicidal RHP trip. :thinking:


Lol Yeh well I seem to be quite different. My first class I ‘knew’ that I should become a teacher. My wife went with. She had a vision that I would be a kundalini teacher. Talked with the teacher today, she ‘saw’ that I would be a teacher.
I see a different kind of yoga studio that focuses on something that Azazel may teach me. Yes stark black and seemingly silver eyes. Could barely make out facial features.
At this point in my life I feel purpose and no fear. This forum was my first step. So I thank you all for your stories and encouragement. It is a wondrous place.


Sorry to note to add to this, I am in a legal battle for and auto accident where I was injured. Today after talking deeply with the teacher about becoming this ‘vision’ I called my lawyer who suddenly appears to have an advance on the table for me to start schooling.
I have no doubt the power here. (-;


Pro-tip: make sure to keep a magickal journal that details all these things, every success and sign that you know beyond reasonable doubt is significant. :+1:


He appeared to me in all black as well. I’ve only ever had good experiences with Azazel since he made himself known to me.


This is a good point. I do have an old one I used to cherish and will bring it back out. It has been charging for quite some time. Or alternatively leave it in its grave and start anew.
Additionally I would ask, as I do appreciate your empathy and hard work here, if I were to chose a daily mediation most special to those members or the forum what would it be?
I have been reading Crowley again regarding yoga and meditation. And find continuing on practice of walking meditation would potentially cause much greater strength of aura and residual effect on conciousness on the ground in which I choose.


Yes I felt no fear or trickery. Just offering a lending hand should I need it.


Same with me. He’s a great teacher and crazy helpful. Red candles and lots of incense seems to help me when making contact.


Great thanks for this advice! I do have red beeswax candles for work the element of fire that have been collecting dust. I did always feel strongest connection to red. But also perhaps is the Aries in me.

Can I ask what type of incense he would prefer? I haven’t researched this yet.

Very definitely it would be what YOU need right now to get the results you need, this forum used to have “Real magick, real results” in the old banner logo, and I think that’s what sets us apart from all other groups that promote dogma and groupthink, with less emphasis on real and tangible changes in this, OUR realm.

Do what works for you at the moment, change as needed.

I will share a thing I wrote to show that concept in action:


I believe I’ve only used sandalwood with him but I’ve heard others have great results with other blends too.

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Interesting and yes. That would make sense. To heal oneself to the point of becoming a teacher would not necessarily benefit from the path of another. For now. The daily kundalini meditations are excellent, and my chakras are becoming cleansed on by one. When I use to do work they were mostly clear but always once admitted, blocked by ego and and over importance of self worth.
Additionally I believe I will try the Crowley walking meditation suggestion in the evenings as I am most drawn to this one In particular, and has ascending additions once mastered.

  1. Practice deep, full breathing while taking walks.

  2. Repeat a sacred mantra while walking, so that your footsteps are in keeping with the rhythm of the mantra (“as is done in dancing”). Another option is to count, according to Crowley, but a mantra such as Om ; Om mani padme hum ; or Om Shanti, Shanti, Shanti seems like it will yield better results.

  3. Start a modified form of pranayama: It is similar to the second practice, except don’t hold the breath between inhalations and exhalations, and use both nostrils rather than closing one (as Crowley says, “paying no attention to the nostrils otherwise than to keep them clear”). Instead of breathing in and out for specified counts, you’ll use how many steps you take. To start, inhale for four steps and exhale for four steps, continuing for as long as it’s comfortable.

  4. Increase the length of your inhalations and exhalations. Go up to 6 steps per inhale: 6 steps per exhale. Then increase this to 8:8, 12:12, 16:16, 24:24, or more if you’re able.

  5. Next, practice a double ratio of inhalations and exhalations. Start by inhaling for four paces and exhaling for eight paces. Increase the inhale:exhale ratio to 6:12, 8:16, 12:24, and more if you’re able.

  6. Finally, add the retention of breath (called the Kumbhakam). Crowley does not give specific instructions for this step. I recommend starting with a ratio of 4 paces per inhale, 4 paces per hold, 4 paces for exhale, and 4 paces for hold, then moving to longer times if you prefer. Then, switch to 2 paces for inhale: 8 paces per hold: 4 paces per exhale: 8 paces per hold. Increase the count, always keeping the 1:4:2 ratio.


Very cool, I will additionally take research and believe I have some sandal wood and dragon’s blood kicking about. I do appreciate the advice.

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No problem. Best of luck.

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I’ll be using that invocation. Good stuff.


Yes it continues on in the link and has a couple precursors. Found last night while thinking of Azazel and my Kundalini teachings researching perhaps too far into my own future. (-;

I see a Yoga studio, that has a large crucifix hanging behind the altar, with a large winding serpent coming from its base that stretches 4-5 feet out over the altar. I see sigils of all the demons in picture frames arranged throughout the studio. I see black yoga mats, I smell strong pungent incense, and hear dark spirit music, and practicitoners all in black free flowing clothing, expanding themselves and their awareness beyond the polar differences that humans were meant to choose from.
I can see it all, but if I am to create it I have not yet decided.