Kundalini & Root Chakra knot

I wanted to have access to Kundalini so i evoked a Demon and asked if he could clear and widen my main channel and remove the knot in the root chakra. So that the kundalini can rise safely

Few hours latter when i was almost at sleep, i felt a burning sensation in my spine from the root till the solar plexus.

My question is when a person had such a experience does that mean the root chakra knot is removed ?

If so how can i access the Kundalini, simply by building energy in the root chakra ?

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Kundalini sleeps below root chakra, if it is awaken it just rise, burning sensations would be a mark of that rise and that energy is burning down obstacles/ clears out chakras. It will naturally enhace your energetic body.

@SWIM if you work with Leviathan you can get a lot of help to awake it.
You can use your hands to move it faster or not, change direction or not, make it bigger or not and raise it to sahasrara with the hands. Pushing and pulling. When tired move it slowly back to muladhara and the last rotating move should be in the same direction you used at the beginning.
Normally people feel automatically if it’s clockwise direction or not. So you shouldn’t worry about that.
When finishing is important to let kundalini in awaken state and moving slowly. And every time when you do the exercises is good to begin from same direction and same intensity.

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