Kundalini psychosis Questions

Hey all,

Im curious about kundalini psychosis as a result of working with the chakras.

My understanding thus far is that with the middle pillar exercise you are working with psychic centers and its from the top down to the bottom using god names,
As you have probably guessed I have acquired this understanding from MM by DMK.

He doesnt go to much into depth about it.
So I plan on going through the OAA Material and it involves working with the chakra’s.

So basically im wondering if some one could further down the road then me , could clarify how to avoid kundalini psychosis and how it can be identified if it does arise at all and just general information so I can get balls deep into the OAA material with solid info.

Thanks in advance,

Kundalini, what happened to me the first time was that my emotions got supercharged and I slept less for a few months. I also got various flu or cold like symptoms but they passed in at most a couple days on and off. New awareness of things I had not perceived before, therefore no knowledge. Trying to make decisions about things based on former experience didn’t work well at all. I recommend taking a few extra days to make important decisions once you’re into it. I found taking time to wind down away from people, like walks in the woods or whatever, worked great as it produced a natural grounding, balancing and energizing at the same time.

I think a consideration of risk (and monitoring how it affects one during…) is a good idea… and remembering to keep comparing/evaluating how one is changing over time- perhaps a time each day to “recalibrate”- part of some systems (ie a number of “techniques” that all fit together in a whole, vs various parts- assuming one can find a system-whole that has been tested and developed).
-and then evaluate a system (“who do you listen to?” -are they where/how you seek to BeCome, and did they start out similar to where you did/where you are ~ie a similar path, vs a different path/background)…
“by their fruits, you shall know…” -for ex, oft the comparision is that visualizing some pictures, which may (or may not) but corresponding to a part of the torso (overlaid, or as a felt-link)… LayaKriya techs may be a bit more than that- but either way, the idea that those that follow the Middle Pillar technique (whether via the actual lodge-GoldenDawn ‘offshoot’- inperson trainings… or from reading texts), in short:

-have you seen those that have practiced that technique to have a much more vibrant result than “kundalini-rising” via other ways?

A working assumption that is “more effective” (and safer, or at least a stronger foundation)… evidence for that? (one would think that all those that have read/worked from MM <or the Sources it came from, or all the modern books/blogs that have adapted their versions of> and used MiddlePillar (or other Godname/“points on the pole”) activation, have developed/manifested more than what the Kunda-tech is said to provide.

[at least the same as, but being a more direct and to the pt, and "safer" foundation, it shouldn't just the be same, but a greater efficiency, so a greater method...  is that what is seen?  can all that have followed this tech sit and "radiate" a room- not as a will&breathe&imagine"push".. but in the way that satsang can do.]

It may be that is considered so… or it may be considered that the stds of modern-magic (as a category, beyond a particular text-title) aren’t held to the “show-me” states slogan.

[quote=“SolomonThoth, post:1, topic:4687”]Im curious about kundalini psychosis as a result of working with the chakras.

My understanding thus far is that with the middle pillar exercise …[/quote]
One key I’ve found is any comment about Kundalini psychosis, or other circuit activation guidelines- that recommend: if things aren’t going well, just take a break and it should reset… (good advice, but if this works- Kundalini wasn’t involved…

-more like the nervous-system strained, or even the psychic-nadis <or chi-channels> being strained like muscles can be strained..  

its like saying: if you have OCD, espec if you have periods of “missing-time” -just stop worrying so much… stop being so caught up in things, and the OCD (obsessive-compulsion) will fade…
(if one can do that, it wasn’t really that… likewise Paranoia, or other phrenic conditions… if you can just do else (the usual “just don’t think that way” and it will all go away- that is oft said to those being swept-under by a mental-emotional condition)…
that is good to try, but to give that kind of advice to someone being overwhelmed (and needing 'real’help)… and it gives people the understanding that mental-illness conditions (let alone Kundalini derangements, or Chi “sicknesses” etc) are something quite different than they are.

[imagine connecting a fire-hose, or main-electric junction, into your system… and opening/connecting the flow… it can’t be turned off, and that first jolt is unmistakable] -or at least that is a view.
(its like some “kid” that suddenly grows six-inches “over the summer” -growing pains, adapting to all the other changes such a “growth-spurt” causes… they aren’t going to be able to Shrink-again… .even as “adapt to it”… its the new-normal…)

  • and that is nothing compared to “opening a whole-new set of senses/thoughts/actions (like turning-on an entire 2nd Nervous system… sort of like never having sight- and suddenly an eye starts to work…) again these examples are inadequate, as still in the “normal” sense… vs the “firehose” and the ‘power-line’ (firing-up the internal nuclear-pile via critical mass…) -I ramble stretching for some relevant ex…
    To context the OAA info- assuming one has the recent book vs prior releases of the OAA info (which has 'notes” that were added as commentary), one might reread and consider the comment about what affects trying to condense a system into an exercise (and what that simplification might do- as he phrased there)…

-then in that note goes on to also simplify (so keep the comment in context of that first consideration, and what that might mean). -also I don’t believe anyway in that “lesson” (nor in the later second-related “lesson”) I don’t think there is a direct-reference to Kundalini? (unless one is applying the comments in other systems…)

In terms of a good first step/consideration, I’d just suggest what I mention the first paragraph in this comment (for whatever it is worth)- which assists both in terms of “stressing/overwhelm” on obvious lvl, or subcon stirring, or on Chi/Charka overload… as well as noticing what “could become” derangement over-time (sensing one’s leaning-off the path)- by use of an ongoing recalibration/auto-eval (going through each part/each system, and sort of tune-in… as more ‘systems’ are understood, and as they are better understood-what they are- this refines)
[one might see this itself is a part of the lite-ver of MiddlePillar exer, and other “developmental” drills … more a tuning-in, and integrationg; which is presented as-if it is an energetic development/awakening technique… <perhaps this could be seen as ‘safety-mech’ ~blinds, put in these systems…?>
-what is the actual purpose (at each stage) of the methods that have been presented?
-how do they fit into a whole? (espec if one is taking from here&there…)
-As difficult to see what results one might receive/achieve down the road (especially in reconstructionist methods), what results have been demonstrated by those that are said to have followed/done XYZ? (and did they really gain from those techs?)
-most Experts don’t realize the little tweaks they do, or building-blocks in their growth, that actually made the difference… -let alone if they feel they are “secrets” of their success…
but even if they are really-trying to spell-it-out, its often not what stands out, but what is different from “the party-line” <hard to express= why the Expert(s) have greater success… if they were/are doing what everyone else is doing…>
-And if they are trying to summarize “the best of” what is out there (often this can sweep-in the general-understandings… what everyone “knows”… and yet if what everyone knows worked the best… -anyway, last comment I think I’ll ramble on this, I keep wishing this would be inquired into and developed more in this forum-group, if the Manifestation of Mastery is sought).


[reference: Stillness: Biodynamic Cranial Practice (2006), and the website assoc has excerpts… this isn’t Kundalini, but is just the peeking via the door. < This book is from the perspective on a practitioner, sensing the activation of another… vs being the one awakening. > So toe in the water… -could contrast with Chi-infusing, as well as just ‘revving-up’ ]

a second, different, reference: 4-hour Chef by Ferriss, Tim... as a step-by-step of "sequencing" how-to learn, and develop any-subject at a deep level.. apply to Magic (Sorcery).. Kunda-buffer awakening.. etc. 

(what is done first, and then second.. if change the ordering/stack, the foundation not there- this is something that a Tradition-Current 'should have'  .. thus the 're-inventing the wheel' ...  
  • the threads on diet, opening subtle-senses, yoga-life extension, ritual-prep- they should all be of one-part, if one has a Tradition/system
    (even if one develops one’s own… all that should be a whole-integrated).


I hope something in the above might be of value to someone- luck in your Seeking

Thanks Narius and Taokua, greatly appreciated.

For a safe chakra and kundalini awakening process, I would follow the method described by E.A. Koetting in his Soul Travel course and OAA papers. The Middle Pillar ritual is also fine.

In addition, I strongly recommend the books:

-“Kundalini Awakening” by John Selby
-“Advanced Yoga Practice” by Yogani

Yogani’s book can also be read on the author’s website. It describes all possible negative side effects and how to fix them shall they manifest.
People tend to blame kundalini for anything that goes wrong in their spiritual life. In reality, the most common side effects of kundalini awakening is bliss, intense orgasmic bliss.