Kundalini Mantras

I’ve tested these mantras and i felt their power in the area between the genitals and the anu.Imo they’re not the same as ‘‘Lam’’,becauseThe effect takes place a little lower from the base of the spine.

‘‘Hsauh’’ is the main one.I’ve donne it many times and it feels really powerfull and erotic.

‘‘Hsraim hsklriim hsrauh’’ is the turbo charger.Almost like an orgasm in the same area.(between genitals and anu).

These mantras are taken from David Frawley’s books

Thanks Dron :smiley: This will be helpful for me in the future!

I’ll try to give the correct pronunciation

A=like the a in '‘father’'
I=like the vowel '‘e’'
AU= like the ou from '‘ouch’'
H=like the h from ‘‘horn’’

the double ‘‘ii’’ in the second mantra pronounced as a double '‘ee.’'
Hope that helps.


This one scared me a little because the effect was powerful.Very effective mantra to go for.