Kundalini & Energy Work

I have a desire to work more closely with life force & cosmic energy systems of operating: Kundalini & a combination of energy path working.

But, I suffer from a degenerative disorder which effects my neck and spine. Will this effect my work in energy fields as well as my own energy system? How could it be over come without restoring damaged tissues & bones?

The true Kundalini can be a traumatic experience, especially if your body is injured or broken. Read the account of Krishnamurti, and how it almost killed him, or Dr. Glenn Morris, who brought the power into his head too fast and fried his brain.

In my opinion, start very slowly, with your main focus on preparing your body for the energy. The actual Kundalini is a circuit that moves up the spine to the brain, and down the front of the body so the spine is a necessary part.

I recommend Robert Bruce’s system in his book Energy Work. It is very easy in the beginning and will help you get used to moving energy around your body and opening up the pathways necessary for proper energy flow. There is a possibility of healing your disorder or even rewiring the pathways all together once the power starts flowing.


From my experiences kundalina work is done through the breath and through tactile visualizations. Robert Bruce has a nice format for thia called N.E.W. other than that Mantak Chia is another amazing source.



I thought as much about the force & part the spine plays in Kundalini. That’s also what my spirit teacher told me, which spoke to my intuition. I’ve already started learning & practising channelling Universal Energy through key spots & Energy Gates. I’ve been working with meditative practices for years to heal them as they are opened & healed, or charged.

I’m no surgeon, so I can only heal them on a psychic & emotional level. I’ve been working with natural energies, such as children, for 20+ yrs & Universal Energies 20yrs. My First Spirit Teacher came along when I was in my mid teens, & started studying magic & Buddhism actively. I figured there could be map around ways of doing things.

I’ve thought about working with Angelic systems to Chanel healing energies. And access clairvoyant views of a fuller Energy bodies & start learning how to interpret them. Right now, I normally just see the lower energy bodies. I’ve seen higher levels of subtle bodies, but seldom & entirely caught unaware.

There is an essay in an anthology I have called Magick On the Edge in which a woman details the magical steps she took to help reverse her early onset osteoporosis, so it is possible to arrest and possibly reverse bone degeneration.

One of the things she did was rewire the energy pathways in her brain. She tried focusing on repairing the neurons but instead the magick itself shifted to bypassing them altogether so she followed where it led.