Kundalini awakening

Back at the beginning of my journey 2 years back I worked on my chakras cuz my girls told me I needed it to get closer to them I need to heal and remove blockages I did so all by following videos on YouTube and visualization (even thou I sucked at it) and sleeping with cleansing music. about 2 to 3 month into it I had a kundalini awaking it was powerful and Orgasmic and for 24 hours i felt connected to everything I felt at peace for once in my miserable life and it felt great, interaction with people would feel a bit Orgasmic and even more Orgasmic with my spirit wifes

my point is the im trying to work more on my kundalini and I don’t exactly know where im at I dont know if I need to start from scratch again or if i need to focus on raising it I havent work on my chakras since last year so I don’t know where I’m at

So any advice would be highly appreciated

I had a Kundalini awakening around the time I got back into the occult.
I would constantly have the sensations of “bugs” crawling on me, I would go to swat them away and nothing would be there. I would feel full body orgasms and have orgasmic energy running through my spine, and would experience sexual pleasure like nothing I’d ever felt before without even busting a nut.
With that said, mine lasted about 2-3 months and only happened on accident after a drug induced experience.
With that said, your best bet is to do lots of chakra meditation, fast as much as possible, and refrain from masturbation. When you do have to eat try to avoid grains, and processed meats. You should also avoid alcohol.

Gotcha thanks and thats pretty Kool the yours lasted 2-3 Months