Kundalini and siddhi how to transform yoursel through the use of this energy the

Siddhi or Sidderi

Modified on 2/4/2010 Siddhi are occult powers related to the serpent kundalini which rises once the chakras are fully developed. Each chakra has its own siddhi and are the best chakra of them all as is the 3rd eye which once open you will use a tech to physically manifest any object of desire using the particles of light from the kundalini. They are useful as its in a tech to enter a trance state, and we activate our right hemisphere of the brain which we can program using affirmations or imaginations to bring what we want in reality. To which we direct the elemental focuses as well. Generated from the particles of light made by thinking, of the light of the kundalini within us, as we want to perceive it and thinking its ‘there’ where we want to generate it. Kundalini meditation is basically focusing your spiritual energy through your chakras. The idea is to feel warm. Close your eyes, and as you concentrate on the inside of your chest, you’ll start to feel warmth. That warmth is what you want. Once you discover it, your goal is to get it to spread as much through your body as possible. It takes less thought to activate, yet is more effective than normal meditation. That heat basically unlocks all your chakras and energy networks. Even better is you don’t have to find a quiet place to do it. As long as you know how to summon the internal heat, you can do it anywhere. The trick is to get it to take over all of you. When the heat doesn’t reach somewhere. Then, that area is blocked at the chakra point. Force the heat to be there and beyond, if necessary. You can open your chakras up, using this technique. There are several poses that are stances for the elemental type in focused idea that are up to you. The water style is like 80% dodging, No wonder water elementals are so stereotypically defensive and not offensive…as is. As that’s true, most elementals know how to dodge. Fire attacks a lot more than dodges and earth blocks more than it dodges, some barely move in that stance. Air and ice dodges more than it attacks or it can a attack more than it dodges, plus it’s an invisible one that can be used a lot in public without drawing attention. As with the air barrier you can do a lot. When you take on the earth one it literally, makes you heavier and it feels like you’ve actually gained like 20 lbs. The air stance makes you lighter, a lot lighter. When you take up the fire stance, you feel excited or just the heat around you. With the water stance, you can feel buoyant as if everything is moving in movement and movement is easy. Air magic stance is like free. flowing. Ultimately, it’s meant to be used while flying. The stance acts accordingly. Just as the Water stance is like buoyant and ultimately intended for use underwater. And how the Earth stance is like solid and ultimately intended when you’re on stable ground. Fire now it’s got the most movement. It’s like ‘Excited’, like the nature of fire. It’s not so much meant for use while you’re on fire, as it is for motions that create fire. Air stance is flighty. A lot of movement. Your limbs become light. It’s another one of the ones not quite meant for offense as much as it is for defense. Fire and it’s movements are intended to keep a flame alive. Fire’s … ‘excited’. Like its said, it’s not meant so much for use while you’re ON fire, but…If you are, the flame movements wouldn’t put the fire out. With water, I don’t care so much about destroying the opponent. With Earth, that’s all I care about - bone crushing blows and blocking like a brick wall. Air makes some feel floaty. Water makes some buoyant but not quite like I’d drift into the air unless I want to. Fire’s somewhere between that. It’s definitely uplifting, instead of pushing me down. It moves like hot air - It moves up. Earth makes some feel solid and as if they are going on till they stop and thats as far as earth will move. Ice makes some feel cold and as if on halting movement. The easiest way to define most of the attributes is to compare them to one another. There’s a lot of crossovers, and a lot of uniqueness to each one. But overall, it’s like they flow from one another. What can I say? I have been an elemental mage on the astral realm for years, and the Physical representations aren’t that much different. Just. I wouldn’t go charging into a fight with these stances yet. Earth now, if some had enough body mass to back it up. Sure, it makes some feel heavier, but some only weigh 120 lbs. The other thing though, is the way that you actually do the shifting, and what you see when you do it. To state the element clearly in your mind, and sometimes aloud. Fire gives an image of a person coated in fire, but it’s not quite touching me. Some of it is literally coming FROM the person, but the fire that isn’t is just half an inch over the surface of my skin/clothes. Earth is the one some are the least certain about, since some have never been much of an Earth user, but the body turns to stone and the hair turns to something resembling moss growing off of a rock. When you move it’s like an earthquake in your limbs, but without the breaking and cracking of earth. The feet grow roots and kind of sink in. Water has evaporated water vapor surrounding me, rising slightly from me. As an aura, or as fire. But the area around me is thickly coated in mist. Air is definitely the clearest in mind. It’s all white, and there’s … air currents around that look nearly sharp. The air moves outwards from some primarily, but it also goes up and other directions. Some will see through themselves. your body is a collection of air energy, concentrated into a near-solid. Your eyes are purely white, semi-glowing. Fire isn’t always as fast. It can be slow, too. Very slow. But that’s one thing that makes it so flexible. It can stop and go on a dime. It can go fast one second, then just stop and the only evidence that you slowed down is that the fire energy around you still sorta tries to move that way. Water needs a more gradual, fluid stop. Earth just slams on the brakes, once it decides it’s gone far enough, it won’t move. Air can stop on a dime, but it can also turn on a dime. If you need to get out of the way or avoid a blow, then you can. Ice moves and flows to a halt and doesn’t move as it melts slightly and refreezes. When it melts, there’s a little squeaky kinda sound or something. You hear that when you do certain movements with ice. it’s like it’s half melting in order to make the movement since it’s constantly frozen in place. Some have used it to stop things, but moving with it is strange and sometimes foreign. The roadblocks are with the elements too as in; Earth. Aside from moving stones and boulders, You might not see much else towards its application. Seems too one-dimensional, if you get what I mean. Air, too…it’s everywhere, it can be solidified and sharpened into a blade and it can be used as a shield, used to push things around and block things, and it seems like that should be enough but it just seems so neutral. Fire and water are the two that some are more intended for, water is as it’s almost identical to fire, just colder and less prone to vanishing if the situations aren’t ideal (temperature). Fire just burns things, thats about it where water can smother or flow and dampen things. Ice moves haltingly as is semi melts and reforms to your will. If you’ve tried moving with ice, every time it stops moving, it stops you from moving, literally

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