Kunda Yoga Video Discourse


Though I did post a written thread regarding this subject I offer the video discourse here to open this subject up for further discussion and simply to present a different method of delivery.

Chakra/glands removal

I gave this video a like just for the mortal kombat image. Great stuff as always, I’d really like to know more, but I’ll have to wait I guess.


Then, if the chakras and the kundalini “keep us imprisoned” what is your opinion about the energetic and chakras work that Koetting gives for the soul’s travel? And in other similar work as the OAA?


We discussed this in our initial interview and he actually feels very much the same way I do. Our views are not in opposition. Besides, someone who is working toward actual personal evolution… will obviously run into situations where methodology and corresponding wisdom evolves. I never said kundalini keeps us imprisoned. The “Kunda force” is what Kunda Yoga stimulates and develops. The chakras imprison us. They are torn aspects of consciousness. That is what they are. It is blatantly obvious.

Does he not teach you to remove the chakras within the soul travel curriculum? :wink:

We all start with a certain amount of knowledge we gain from the experience of others. Then through application and personal experience we grow beyond the experience of others simply because we now have our own experience to rely on. New discoveries are always made. This is the science behind occult application.


Thanks Joseph, I’ll see the interview and continue to acquire knowledge and experience, by the way I’m waiting for your book, greetings!