Kriya Yoga

Has anyone had any experience with this technique? From what I understand the modern lineage of this technique of God Realization is;

Babaji - Lahiri Mahasaya - Sri Yukteswar and finally Paramahansa Yogananda, who brought the teachings to the West.(Each of these had their own disciples)

In trying to track down the actual “original” technique of Kriya, I found this free online ebook by Ennio Nimis;

I think many of you will find parts 2 and 3 very interesting and part 1 is more Ennio’s personal journey, but parts 2 and 3 get into the actual technique.

If anyone has any knowledge or experience with Kriya Yoga, I would be very interested to hear about it.


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Within my experience, if you have the chance to, or are just beginning, you should consider a systematic approach to yoga as your first step towards spiritual work. I originally thought it would be best to start practicing ritual magick firsthand, but to be honest, to start there was a bad move for me. I didn’t know where to start, I wasn’t satisfied with the programs I could, and I found myself quite scattered.

I started practicing yoga, however, and all that shit stopped. I tried continuing my idea of ritual magick, but found a lack of motivation for it, and more motivation to practice yoga. Likewise, more things consistently manifested for me doing the yoga than they ever did with the ritual magick work I was performing, simply because yoga is magick itself. It may not be as directed initially, but if you are a beginner, then you almost certainly suck at formulating and executing good intentions.

I only skimmed, but it sounded like he might have something going here, and like I said, especially for the beginner, you might want to check your ambition at the door, get your foundation together, and from there, all this evocation stuff will be a piece of cake… if you decide to do it. You might just say fuck it and use yoga as your magic platform, which in itself has a great deal of evocation within its higher levels. Now Kriya Yoga, if I am not mistaken, takes some preliminary training to get started with, and I would say Satyananda’s Systematic Course In The Ancient Techniques of Yoga and Kriya. Someone already posted a link to it, so I might want to start there. However, if this book takes you from a beginner level to advanced, then you should be fine here. I would know when I read it.

Yoga solved a lot of problems for me, and if you are willing to be a bit patient, it’s probably going to be the best decision you could make. I say go for it, but one thing I would say is try not to be scattered, If you are practicing heavy ritual magick, it might be a problem because doing any good yogic work is going to take a good chunk of time out of your day. So spreading yourself too thin would be a mad disaster, which is why I halted my ritual magick work and focused on yoga. Just my experience…

Yeah, interesting thoughts, Metatron. I will take that into consideration and find much of what you said to make sense. The most productive spiritual growth periods in my life have been when immersing myself into yogic practices namely Raja Yoga(Mental or Royal Yoga) and also the Raja Yoga taught by the Brahma Kuhmaris) and more recently this year, Yin Yoga.

Kriya has fascinated me as of late due to a book I’ve been reading and I hadn’t come across it before. I appreciate your comments and have again learned something useful and new from you. Thanks my friend. :slight_smile:

I’ve been spending around 3 hours a day in yoga, meditation and practicing the OAA lessons and reading, so the time is available because I have the drive. I just want to divide it in the most powerful and useful way I can. The books do look good. I haven’t read them all yet and have been seriously considering Kriya lately. Just wondered if anyone here has actually practiced or is currently practicing it.

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The only thing I have done that comes close to Kriya Yoga (maybe) was a practice I picked up reading stuff from Yogi Bhajan. I was practicing a few things everyday namely Taoist Microcosmic Orbit and Sexual Kung Fu practices, Surya Namaskar, and this Kriya known as the Sat Kriya. I’m pretty sure EA mentioned it in Ipsissimus, but the only thing I came close to doing as a Kriya was Sat Kriya.

I always forget that I actually practiced it because I only ever did it for about 6 minutes in a day, usually 3 mins in the morning and 3 in the night. However, my practice in general at that time was a bit off, not really systematic at all. Despite this, my experience with the Sat Kriya’s effects were evident, and practices that used to have no real effect on me before produced extremely profound experiences after practicing Sat Kriya, very loosely I might add, for 2 weeks only.

One example I can think of is a sitting posture that I have seen called “The Egyptian Chair Pose”. It’s really nothing more than sitting straight-backed in chair, but you really have to have a straight spine, you know, making sure that all that lower spine activity is locked up. Practicing yoga, both Taoist and Hindu, helped greatly in making this pose more effective, because you have to gain a proficiency with the lower core muscular and skeletal matrix in order to get your practice to work for you. At any rate, when practicing the Egyptian Chair Pose (Franz Bardon calls this pose “The Asana”), the idea is to hold the pose for as long as you can in perfect stillness.

I practiced this before with no good results, and I simply didn’t have the anatomical expertise to actually sit straight-spined. However, I was able to stay in this pose for 20 minutes easily after only 2 weeks of this loose yoga practice. Despite being so simple, Sat Kriya was actually the most physically demanding activity, but it really almost seemed to teach itself to you as you did it. In all, in practicing the Egyptian Chair Pose, I found that I could very simply walk out of body if I wished, and these was a profound energetic buzz that didn’t surround my whole body, it was practically in every part of my body! I had no clue that these sensations could accompany the simple practice of the Egyptian Chair Pose, but after practicing the yoga, it seemed that this practice, as loose as it was, was primarily responsible.

That’s my experience with something that was referred to as Kriya, although I can’t honestly say if it is or is not a Kriya. I don’t even know much about Kriya Yoga, I just tried the Sat Kriya and it was awesome. I’m going to re-include it in my practice, since I have forgotten about it in light of my current work. Again, I actually stopped the ritual work because I was mad scattered, and y yoga had a sound structure, while my ritual work had none whatsoever. I figured it was best to focus on my foundation, which was bringing all the opportunity I wanted anyway without thinking about it. I mean, even practicing beginner yoga can do some SERIOUS work for your life.

Thanks for this post guys!!!

Interestingly, I too have taken up yoga, but do to a qualified teacher accessibility and some physical pain, I’m starting out with Iyengar. For me, I feel this is a great solid place to start. I’m planning on going for my certification, and from getting extremely familiar with Iyengar, I feel I can go into any other system much more easily - Kundalini, Laya Yoga.