KRA is around here!

Hello, im demonic magician from finland, although i work only with living beings spirits and few exceptions like dolores and adolf, im 26 y old.

i practice satanism and elitism, i am very old being, i only incarnate here like once in 1000 years to update voice settings and some other systems needed, this time i incarnated to work music, underground rap music, we call it devilshit.

I was initiated to luciferianism and gay-elitism when i turned 21, and im partly still fighting myself off from this “chosen-one” fuckreligion… my draconic practices are so sacred that they dont even let me practice them in earths current…

I have soulgroup, i will deitzice, alot, of beings that you see on your magazines, and listen their music and follow them on their everyday existence, me myself, not much of a important or superstar.

I try to explain alot of things of earths current, dying godforms, exorcisms, posessions, and why actually anything aint working in earths current state, you can pm me, since alot of my topics and information are above human or BALG regular conciousness, so i might get misunderstood alot

I would also like to talk about satanic currents and actual being of “satan”, but im very bad opening such a huge topic, or i would be have to paid to use fuckload of time adjust to your level of understanding of satan and deities in general.

well see how you take me here, and what kind of discussion we can get going , i am NOT selling you anything, I am just telling how things are currently…

hail humanity, hail citizens of earth, hail culming creeps !

ask openly if you need me to explain more where i comefrom with my intel and things and lets try to come along, im ex-member of wizardforums too.

KRA…I’ve no idea what to make of you…but, welcome anyway! I love your profile pic!


Welcome back.

suhi !

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I also abide an elitist perspective. What type of elitism do you ascribe to? Generally, Pride is what makes a good Satanist, but a strong logic, reason, and argument to stand a challenging opposition of your stance is important, and my favorite thing to do is to strengthen my resolve in the face of adversity.

clean and sacred dna strain, mannerism, honest to god and yourself, opposite sex partnership and understanding, ownership of own time and space, top tier ability to arts, natural creativity and/or hospitality …

some of things that i see as “elitism”

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I have to congratulate you, because this is the first time someone gives a difinition of what qualities are of the “elite” (according to you in this case) and I read it, so it’s an achievement unlocked. I have a Thelemic concept of what makes oneself of the “elite”, and I see we share “honest to god and yourself”, which in my system is a magickal power more important than evocation, if we understand “god” in the same way.