Koetting's Lucifer ritual and my experience

I watched the whole thing from start to finish back when I was new to the LHP. I even repeated most of what he said when contacting the gods. I have to say, being at the beginning of my transformation, I didn’t know what to expect because I was taught that you can draw in bad spirits by watching such things but I was set on watching this because one of the satanic friends I met online who was a priestess told me that Lucifer was easier on beginners. I randomly selected this ritual.

I could feel the energies through the screen as the ritual commenced. So much that I was crying but didn’t know why. The words at the end really touched my heart and I prayed to Lucifer to help me because I knew more or less what I have to do but wasn’t sure how or which way to go. I could feel this awesome comfort and ended up falling asleep.

I dreamt of a woman. I could see myself asleep and she was a black silhouette with glowing eyes. Everything was very dark. She walked up to me as I slept and said something to me that I never made out. I asked for her name and she said “Eve”. Now, I am not 100% sure that she actually said Eve but it was something very close to it. Does anyone know of any spirits or servitors with this name. Any idea what she may have been? I have not heard of or seen her again :frowning:

Anyway I thought I would share that with the forum.

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