Koetting's Love Spell

But then that would negate the whole line of thinking that we are living gods, would it not?

If I’m a living god, I can have whatever the hell I want because that’s the way a god would act.


True. Maybe my skill set just isn’t to that level. But to loosley quote E.A. in one of his videos,
“You have to be realistic and work within reality. If you get caught slaughtering your family, you are probably going to do some time,”

I think it’s just the power of the will. If you want something bad enough, you can have it. Use that energy and focus strongly on your goal.

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This is purely the law of attraction, but once you try to mess with the free will of a specific person, you can t have it simply by wanting it badly. The person that is. That’s why I understand now why love spells fail most of the time:)

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Magical should reserved for realistic goals (things that are improbable, but possible). If you make a girl vomitously ill by looking at you and hates your personality, that is unrealistic.

Hello, can someone send me the youtube link of Koetting’s love spell? i can’t find it. thanks


I will add to this that this can work. Several years ago before I had even heard of E.A. I did a spell very similar to this one on an ex gf. She kept telling me no on getting back together. She said no many times. I did this same spell for five nights if I remember right. I hit her up again to get together and talk and work things out after I had did the spell, and she said yes! I was curious later so I asked her what caused her to change her mind. She told me she couldn’t explain it. She said it was weird that all of the sudden all of the memories and emotions of us when we were together came flooding back to her. It had to of been because of the spell. So I can say for certain that this type of spell can work.


Hi…Do you work with any spirits?

@hix If you need someone to do the ritual for you, E.A Koetting does rituals for others, for a fee.


don’t worry love spells do work. make sure you empower your love spell by choosing the day and hour of venus and ofc when the moon is waning. i know that some people do not mention this but it is important as it can make your spell strong.
ok you have casted it twice… just relax… just believe and you will receive. maybe you are having some negative thoughts/doubts? cancel them out and be busy with other things like gym, work, going out with friends. i wouldn’t say that “not caring at all” makes the spell work. it’s impossible not to care. just make sure you are not doubting and obsessing over the outcome


I think you are very talented in reconciliation. :wink:

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Love spells do work! Two people, both of whom are in my little circle of chaos, have both cast very different spells and they both worked. The first person, lets call her Miss Z, uses nothing but meditation and the power of Will. Miss Z’s boyfriend or “The love of my lives” as she calls him leaves the country after hooking up with another woman. Miss Z spends 3 months meditating on what she wants to see happen. Pure thought, Pure Will. She visualizes it like a movie and it plays in her mind as such. A movie, with drama, romance, action etc etc. And just a little over 3 months later Miss Z gets a call from The love of her lives, he’s coming into town and wants to see her. Not only that but he’s completely smitten or perhaps its bitten by the love bug. He cant stop thinking about her. Now, she did petition the Goddess for help prior to the Visualizations. Coincidence? I doubt that completely!

Case number 2: Lets call him Mr X. Mr X is inlove with his wife’s sister. Yes indeed that’s what you read:-). So he also calls upon the Goddess for help. He uses a letter of intent and also a number of fetishes belonging to his love interest. Well, it works. I mean it really works! However, there’s 1 thing that he didnt do. He wasn’t specific. He asked for help from the Goddess to get his wife’s sister and in the process forgot that the biggest obstacle in his happy dream was his wife. Horrible things happen when the Will is strong but specifics and intent are wired wrong!

They do work but as @TheDark said Do it and forget it…Walk away from it.


So…these are people who have never been attracted to each other before the love spells, is that what you are telling?
He cannot have other ideas to visit her, maybe for ine night sex, maybe for another reason? Why he is coming to her town? Only to visit her, or he has some work there? How she does know he cannot stop thinking of her?
If this is the Law of Attraction in action, this is superb proof of its power. But I have seen other things.
He came to my country only to have sex with meand two weeks later he said e won’t be a couple.
And when I asked him why he did act this way, he said “You made me do this! It is your fault. You made me to take out my lust, and my passion…You did it.”
(The love spells did it)
But I hope this isn’t her case.
I am not doubting the power of the love spells.
I am just judging by my own experience that sometimes… the love spells make the target to do what we want but sooner or later they fade away, and they only take on the surface the easiest they can take, the most primitive feelings that they can take out.
In my case, the target was a trash, and the love spells just helped him to show all of his meanness.

Miss Z’s boyfriend was obviously not In love with her, him running away with another woman is proof of that but he did come grovelling back to her 3 months later. I believe she will leave him anyway. I dont think she will ever really get over that betrayal.

The guy who betrayed you is an asshole obviously! And im sorry for your pain. But you sound like a strong individual, be strong, be better and dont let that d*ick or His actions affect you any more. Use the majick and shield yourself and in time the right person will come and then you can decide to let them in or not.

Mr X, there was no love interest there. He lusted after his wife’s sister and got her at a cost. In turn she lusted after him and she says she loves him but was it worth the price? I dont know.

I’ve used a similar method and called upon Lilith for help. I gave blood as an offering and within the week i saw results. I can say that i watched my target struggle with what was happening. Everyday there was a little struggle. Morals, ethics, beliefs, Will…they all eventually fall away.

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I think that just like "normal’ relationships we need to work on relationships built out of spells. And some relationships and partners require more work/spells than others just like the regular ones. When we stop our workings things start to break down because there is action/reaction. Once you have captured your zombie you must coax it, stroke it until it is truly yours.

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Of course. If you start a relationship because you did a black magick love spell to influence that other person’s will, you will definitely need to keep up with some kind of magickal workings along the way, and also mundane stuff too. I’d recommend simple things like ammonia jars or other Hoodoo magickal tactics.

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what was the spell u casted?