Know when a curse is in effect

How can you tell if a curse is effective when you can’t rely on being updated on a person’s well being?

Do curses, like other spells take time depending on intent?

Is it possible for a curse to eat through the defenses of an average person with no occult training?

Is two weeks long enough to start seeing a change?

Any other insights and advice on curses are much appreciated. I want to learn all I can. Thanks.

Divination, a pendulum can be used for a simple yes or no


Would depend on the defences


If you feel you need more emotion in your ritual give the person you’re cursing a complimentary name and you’ll feel alot more digust.

The way to effectively curse the person with full energy, is to completely ‘tune’ into what made you hate them.

You dig?

Like when they first enraged you…you go back to that moment, feel the feelings again, see the situation, experience it again…
That is how you truly curse someone powerfully during a ritual (obviously you still need the ritual). That is where your reason to curse the target comes from. So you have to go back there. On top of it it adds an element of justification.

All the rest is relatively weak unless you know how to put yourself in state