Kitty Reincarnated

Thanks to Bastet, before I begin this story.

I wasn’t going to share this here, and I might just copy and paste for one of my blogs. But after a bit of thought I’ll share, just for the sake of telling a story and letting folks (hopefully) enjoy it.

Those of you who know my name from here know I was very ill. You may or may not know that I ended up in the hospital, nearly died, and came back from the dead. I saw three Egyptian gods that night which I didn’t even know existed until I looked them up aftewards… the death things that hang in hospitals, waiting… etc. It was a very thin veil time, an interesting one despite what was happening, and something I"ll use when writing someday.

While I was in the hospital my beloved Ra the Dollkiller, black kitteh scourge of Chinese Barbie dolls everywhere, passed away.

I am told he tried very hard to wait for me to come home. I wanted to. I was very distressed that he didn’t make it, and I’m tearing up thinking about it.

My kind roommate had him cremated, and his urn is on a small altar to Bastet - that beauty who has watched over my house and my cats more and more lately. I am not being silly when I saw I need to give her a cat treat. She knows what I’m referring to.

So I was told by mental pictures - which can mean anything from me just knowing the future to some kind spirit trying to bring me comfort - that Ra would come back. I just had to wait. I even knew how he would return: I’d be walking along and there he would be by the side of the road, to greet me, looking as sooty black as ever and be ever so tiny.

So I waited for my Ra to come home. But the weeks passed and he didn’t come home, even though the feeling never wavered.

Until one day when it did. And somehow I knew that he’d been derailed, that maybe he’d changed his mind and as much as he wanted to come home he wasn’t going to.

This made me sad, but your animals do that you know. They have their own paths just the same as we do. I admit, though, that I kind of kept hoping.

But I never asked about it when I lit incense to Bastet. I have so much to simply say “thank you” for already, from washing our house clean of curses to just being a wonderful presence.

Two nights ago I was out with the other half playing Spectrek, which is a phone game. It shows you were ghosts are and you go to catch them. It’s an exercise game, and I play it to get me walking at night before bed.

There was this one ghost out of the way from the others. As we reached our destination, this tiny sooty black ball of fur came running across a front yard to greet us. His little legs were pumping for all he was worth to get to us.

There were other kittens in the yard, but he wasn’t part of that litter. He emerged from somewhere else, the other half said, as if he’d been chasing us to get to us. He stopped at my feet.

Ra, I said.

Are you sure? the husband asked.

Ra ra, I said, and picked him up.

You know that body language your cat does when he/she hasn’t seen you for a long time, and they’re just so crazy happy to see you? This kitten did that. And he purred. He purred for all he was worth while butting his head and loving me as if he knew who I was all along.

So I stood in this stranger’s driveway with tears in my eyes because here was my Ra - I just knew he was my Ra! - and he’d come back exactly as I’d been shown he would.

The husband did ask the house if we could have him, btw… the woman almost said no until she recognized us. Which is good because it would have been a big moral dilemma for me if she’d said no. =^-^=

She said she’d been calling him Martian. Okay, sounds good. So now he his Martian Ra, not to be confused with Mum-ra. Or maybe Ra Martian Hunter. We’re not sure yet. He doesn’t seem to care what we pick, either. But he was like that last time, too.

After I’d calmed down I wondered if I wasn’t deceiving myself on the matter. So I’ll do a reading sooner or later. I mean, if I’m wrong it’s not like I’mg oing to get rid of him so I’ve plenty of time.

In the meantime he’s got Ra’s temperament. He’s got Ra’s habits. And.

He jumps in your face when you’re asleep when he’s hungry. Because apparently some things never freaking change no matter what kitty body your’e in.




Ra the II was killed by our husky mix on Thanksgiving eve.

This broke my heart. No. It shattered it. There are so many memories with Ra the II - little things like the moment he hunted me down. (I’d been shown he would find me while taking a walk. One day after I’d given up hope, @mochlhung said I should look down and just like in my vision there was this tiny black ball of fur just as I kept seeing it… who purred up a recognition storm… so many little things after that. You just don’t get over that easily. Okay I’m gonna cry now.)

Still can’t forgive myself, as I blame myself on what happened. Bastet I thought was angry, as I bleated at her like some lost child about the matter. She kept showing me the color blue, and I had no idea what the hell that meant.

A good friend told me that blue, in Egyptian spirituality, means rebirth. So I guess she was trying to comfort me, but I don’t speak Egyptian soooooooo… there is that…

Ra the III showed up recently.

The tale behind that is Mochlhung found a place on his mail route that had copious amounts of cats, many of them black. The only thing I knew at that time was that if Ra were to come back again it wouldn’t be close to the house. And he’d have to have been born that weekend at the earliest, right? Right??

The family with the cats told Mochlhung that they don’t give up their hoard. However there was this black kitten with a white bib that had showed up Thanksgiving weekend he could have.

They had named him Ra.

More later as I figure stuff out. But I can say that I think I’ve had Ra my entire life. When I find more time I shall continue on that maybe.


Oh hun I’m so sorry!


Time heals all wounds, so they say. With the new kitten I have a black bundle of purr to coddle, and I’m surprised how that helps. Which must be why Bastet sends TWO cats for every ONE I lose… We’re overrun with cats here…

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Im so sorry for what you have dealt with :disappointed: there are some things in this strange world we cant control. I believe that i too have a reincarnated pet.

There was a time a pitbull-mastiff mix dog came to my house, when i was 8. He had wounds and was very skinny. My parents took him in and we nursed him back to health. Despite being a scary looking dog due to his breed, he was just a big baby, and my best friend. I would wrestle with him outside all the time, and he would do the same to me but gentle enough where it wouldnt hurt me. If he would ever hurt me in any way it was always by accident, and he would look concerned and lick me like as a way of apologizing.

When i was 15, something went wrong. Over time it got harder and harder for him to move, to the point he would be screaming. This started at the beginning of the month. Toward the end, there was 3 days where it was like he was totally back to normal. After that, he suddenly got paralyzed from the neck down. He had to be taken to the vet and be put down, and he passed away in my arms as i gave him a final hug and kiss. That night, i had a dream of him, running around in my house and being happy. My mom had a dream of him telepathically telling her thanks for getting him out of his pain. My dad stayed up and he heard our doggie walking up to him and at one point even heard a bark.

4 months later, there was a pitbull that was born and ended up under the hands of a family friend. However she was a crazy ass and it was hard for him to take care of her. My dad showed up there one day, and the dog looked at him with a look of “its you!!” And ran up loving on him and wanting to go home with him. About a month later she was given to us. When she saw me she wanted to play with me and wrestle and spend time with me a lot. She holds so many traits of my other dog. And is so protective. I really feel inside that she is him, just returning to familiar family.

Its the truth that animals you have a connection with come back to you, whether its just in spirit or reincarnation. Also i work with bastet, she’s quite a beautiful caring soul. I know she cares about what you have been going through.

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In my case, the first time I saw my kitty (I think) was when I was about 12 or 14. There was a cat in the hallway, when we had no indoor cats. I froze. It looked at me. I looked at it. It opened it’s mouth to meow, and faded into smoke and trailed away.

Hopefully will type more as I heal. Just had operation.

Okay so let me talk about kitteh reincarnated.

I don’t know if it’s Ra that has been with me my whole life, but he died while I was in the hospital for similar troubles that I was facing. I was sad (naturally).

I had a vision that he would come back very small, that I’d find him by the side of the road. Months passed and with no Ra in sight, I sort of gave up. One day while out walking, there he was. He’d run across a yard as fast as his tiny legs could carry him to get to me. And you know that feeling when a hole is filled, right.

Then a dog killed him. Don’t get me started on that dog, let’s just say we found that dog a home without cats and is doing well. And my gnomes are no longer chewed into pieces.

That was last Thanksgiving. It happened the day I had to leave for a convention, so I spent that entire convention sad. Everyone there thought I had PTSD and tried very hard to comfort me, but no. I was just ragingly sad.

Bast gave me frequent “answers” to my sad please in the color blue. A friend had to interpret them for me. Okay so she was sending him back.

The thing with working with Bast, is when I lose a kitty and ask for him to find his way back (usually it’s the can’t find their way home kind of lost) I’m given more than one each time. On Thanksgiving last year there was a family on my husband’s mail route who have copious amounts of black cats. One kitten had simply appeared on Thanksgiving, so that kitten came home to live with us. The husband thought he would comfort me with this kitten, who has grown into a gorgeous cat that’s quite well behaved actually. (Most of the time.)

But still no Ra for months. Husband kept saying he was trapped at the airport terminal dealing with security.

I’m part of a pet rehoming group. Gotta be, since so many castaways tend to come to my doorstep. There was a pregnant woman who had a box of kittens she needed to find a home for. She was in the area I felt like Ra would return from. I saw their photo, said to myself I was being silly and that Ra would come back on his own, and went about my day.

That evening the husband, who is not part of the group. brought home a mail box full of kittens. It was those kittens.

Pendulum testing and prayers later, Ra has been identified. Mind you I kind of felt like it was Ra already, so I had someone else work the pendulum and cast a bit so it wouldn’t be biased. Not that Ra didn’t freak out and purr up a storm at seeing me on sight, reclaim her (his) old spot by the door, or really just be a tiny tiny little Ra.

So now he is a she, and her name is Ra-ra (Shisskoomba). Still purrs if she sees me.

And yes, I am looking to rehome most of her siblings. They’re attached to me, but 11 cats is too many for one house. I’m also being super careful. A lot of people are horrible to black cats at this time of year, y’know. It would be a double shame is someone hurt THESE kittens, being as they’re Bast sent.

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