Kirlian Camera: The Aura Scanner?


Kirlian photography comes from the inventor Semyon Kirlian, it is said to be able to reveal your aura color to determine your condition. The device is also used to scan your energy and your chakras.

Anybody experienced or tried this device? It it really working?

You can find one on eBay, but it’s quite expensive at around $2000.

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I was going to have it done last year, but unfortunately the pandemic happened and the guy that comes to the local witches shop to do them didn’t do it. He usually comes through once or twice a year, so I’m hoping that when things settle down I can get it done.

But from what I understand about them they are pretty accurate.


So it’s a reliable device.

I’m going to look into this further. Seems interesting.


Aura Colors as shown by the device, here’s their meaning:

Pink : Platonic love
Gold : Intellectual activity
Brown : Love of money and greed
Yellow : Selfishness and self-interest
Purple : Piety and Religiosity
Grey : Deception and cunning
Light Green : Clamness and tolerance
Dark Green : Jealousy and envy
Light Red : Anger and revenge
Dark Red : Sexual sensuality
White : For children, clear pure white

Why are they all negatively oriented

Those seem really off, aura colors are way too versatile to fit into those small and negatively awkward associations. One color may mean something different depending on the individual, there’s no one color means one thing.


That’s just not true , gold represents like a very pure vibration , has nothing to do with intellect , yellow could mean someone Is using their mind a lot if you meant that

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If you look around you, there are many opinions about these colors, so nothing is 100% accurate really.

And that is what I meant, mindfulness.

That was the whole point, auras naturally have various meanings for a single color so I did not understand your post and why it was all negative even from a versatile standpoint those associations make little sense.

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Exactly. Deep and different meanings.
There’s a complexity and the mixture of these colors can represent something different as well.

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How the heck could someone tell the diff between yellow and gold?

When I scan auras gold tends to look more refine and yellow looks much more pastel-ish.

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