Kingdoms of Flame

A few months ago a friend gave me EA’s kingdoms of flame book. I have been studying it but I have had some doubts about the evocations with the system that is explained.
Some of you have worked with any of the KOF entities, could you help me?
I don’t know how much can be posted here in the forum for copyright issues, but any help is welcome.

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What are you wanting to know?

EA speaks in his book of a door to access what he calls “the temple of nothingness” which is where the work is done, he gives the image of the door and the enchantment to open it.
But what about the invocation process?
at what moment do the square open and how do they open?
Is it necessary to have the square and separate the sigil of the entity? because technically the sigil is the name of the entity traced on the square.
What is the use of the sorcerer’s seal and the ex regum spiritus in manifestus, as used in the ritual?
How do you get out of the realm of nothingness after finishing?
Thank You for the help.

The Kingdom of Flames grimoire details its own distinct system of evocation so it’s way of doing things does not apply to any other system.

KoF is a system of evocation, not invocation.

You would open the square in the same manner as you would any spirit seal. There is plenty of information on the technique available on the forum. Generally, you get into trance and gaze at it until it begins to “flash” which means the lines begin to disappear and then reappear.

Yes, if you are following the system as it is laid out in the book. The seal opens the realm, but you still have to call the specific spirit you want, which you do through the seal.

EA does use some of the KoF spirits in his later books, like Works of Darkness, and Evoking Eternity, without the squares, so you can evoke them using just the seal and any working system of evocation.

I will say, though, that experience has shown me that opening the square before opening the spirit seal, does make for a quicker and deeper connection because the energies that flow from it make the area more conducive to the manifestation of the spirit.

It is a sign of the magician’s authority, similar to the Seal of Solomon in the grimoire tradition. You would activate it by infusing it with energy and then wear it upon yourself during the ritual.

The same way you got in. You would go back through the gate.


Thanks for the help.
so could we summarize the process like this?

  1. The operation of opening the door with the corresponding enchantment.
  2. In the kingdom of nothingness, open the door corresponding to the kingdom we want to visit.
  3. Enter the corresponding realm and view it according to the EA descriptions.
  4. Within the kingdom, with the secrecy of the entity, invoke it under the authority of the ruling entity of the kingdom.
  5. Once the job is done dismiss the entity and leave the realms.
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Wait so a few questions:

Are the spirits in this book angels cause I heard that somewhere

And it’s a whole different method then evoking eternity? Interesting

There are three distinct types of beings in the book, demons, angels, and a third that EA simply calls Spirits, with a capital S, as they do not fit the classification of either angel or demon.

Kingdoms of Flame was the first book EA Koetting ever published. Evoking Eternity was his fourth. His methods evolved.

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Ohhhhh ok