Kingdoms of Flame Payment


First post here, and I want to ask some questions regarding Kof and Boa entities.
I seach the forum and decided to begin with angel Deggal from Kof, just basic sigil magick.

But upon reserching the internet about the books and spirits, I came upon a forum where
some users says that the spirits in the Kof and Boa require a type of payment that is not in the books, and they will take it if you consent to it or not.

So my questions are:

  1. How safe is to work with the entities in Kof or Boa?
  2. Does the entities from this books required some type of offering that is not the books.
  3. If they require offerings what would be the best offerings?

So just in case you wander, i’m new to the practical side of magick and I can’t communicate, hear or talk with spirits.



Post a link to where you heard that please.

Several members here who evoked ladilock from kof have lost their jobs.
Not sure if that’s the case with all entities from book.

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Here is the link :

Some people on that forum like making up melodramatic nonsense, probably the best thing to do is to find out whether these spirits and that book are right for you, through divination.


Speaking from experience with Degall, the only “offering” he wants out of anyone is a commitment to practice. That said, anything you choose to give is always greatly appreciated by most spirits, but you aren’t required to do so


I’ve worked with Sastan from the Kingdom of Flame and I’ve never had any issues.

Honestly, it sounds like that statement comes from a mind saturated in the fear-based mindset created by most religions and Hollywood.


Thanks for all yours replays :).

Lady_Eva can you recommend me a simple divination method ?

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I can! This contains a legal source to download the book, and also my notes on how to apply it to finding out whether a spirit or method is going to be beneficial in your life:

And, I’m not affiliated with them or anything, do affordable automated readings and have been my prefetrred way to get an instant and confidential reading on something, I use them often as a back-up method.

There are several free Tarot services online, but I’ve found I prefer them for accuracy.


Thank you very much :smile:


So I read the book and the other forum post and I must say that I am not absolutely sure what question better suits my questions.

So far question nr 13 from the book of fate seems like a good question to ask about Deggal and Kof spirits.
Can I modify the question like : Will Deggal the spirit I most reckon upon prove faithful or treacherous ?
Also can you point to a yes or no question from the book?

Do you have a guardian spirit or deity that you pray to or work with ? Try asking them to contact you in regards to your question.

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No, I not have any deity or spirit guardian that I work with. I am total beginner and I thought Deggal would be a good first choice.

But maybe I should try to open his sigil and state my intention and tell him that until I can communicate with him I would offer him just praises and some incense and nothing else.

8 & 9 are the closest to simple Yes/No, though there is no answer that’s simply those words.

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I’ve worked with many of the Kingdoms of Flame Spirits over and over again.

I’ve worked with Ladilok, a lot, and she is popularly requested among my clients. In the text it says that she feels women should be enslaved, but over time, I’ve found that she is more of a hopeless romanic to believes that most woman are too stupid to be with a good man : )

As far as results. They’re the KOF spirits are great, but they expect your own dedication to get results and they’re actually pretty stubborn about all of it. You literally have to keep bothering them to get them to finish something lol, but when they do the results are great.


I could Brag on Deggal a lot. He is great at building relationships and understanding what makes you tick…even to the point of reaching inside of you and healing that part of your psyche that has been damaged from past misfortunes in a variety of areas.

He required no payment from me but wanted me to put into practice the insight that he gave to me.

As to consent?

I INvoked him upon request and when it became more prudent to ask him to exit? He exited at PreCiseLY at the time and place that I needed him to exit…and then hung around till he finished some work.

He works very well with Sakatos, the second angel on E.A.'s prescribed angelic path working from Evoking Eternity.

So yeah, real team players!


Thanks for the replay MagickMike, can I ask you how do you have approach him?
Also can you tell me more about Deggal? What can I expect as a beginner from working with him ?
I’m curios about him :slight_smile:
Do you pathworked all the angels EA recommended?

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@bksol All I did was, I practiced the ThetaGamma sync that EA talks about. Then one night I used a burner and frankincense incense and some candles. I had already created a sigil for him and had been prepping for around a week prior by channeling my focus into the upcoming ritual and doing meditations.

If Deggal deals with you as he did me, you will see him popping up after the ritual is done and you will likely be pondering concerns that you had had. Once that happens, you will feel a few aha moments as you feel thoughts get channeled into you as responses with a flash of how to fix your issues.

Honestly, since there are no rules set in stone, I dont know what he will do since your situation will be unique to you. All I can say is, he gets his work done. Lets you know that he did it, and then moves out of the way after directing you on how to solve your problems dealing with matters that weigh on you.

I have not done all of the angels. I journeyed from Deggal to Sakatos, and now I am on Raziel.
For Raziel, I am taking a step backward to take a few steps forward. I will be using him in place of Sastan for scrying and I will be working with him on Soul Travel. I should mention that I am taking EA’s class on Evocation and Soul Travel. For now? I am getting a set regiment of exercises down consistently since he is more of a teacher than Deggal or Sakatos…although neither of them are slouches in that department.
That is where I have been with EA’s angelic pathworking.

Good luck!

One last thing. I was led to believe that he will appear in blue light. I dont know why, but that is not what I saw when I saw him.


mike how is your soul travel going I also bought that course.

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I have not tried it yet. I only just got it some time recently and was in the middle of evocations. Right now I am fighting a cold so I can get back into the game without sucky energy!

Hey guys this would be my first actual reply or post since my introduction to the forum, as a beginner on a solitary path I’m still vetting and discovering for myself. Anyway I have to send huge thanks to this forum and particular discussion about evocation and opening sigils of deggal. As of a week ago I had my first experience of visual trance and sigil flashing, although short lived as I only by impulse and reaction did this miraculously accomplished this. So again after reading a few different discussions I decided to prepare everything I could to my knowledge that could help me attempt this again, including binaural beats , creating hand drawn sigil, copal incense and my meditatipn techniques and focused on my goal. Which ultimately was to ask for assistance with activation of kundalini energy and help acquire my astral senses, for further evocation practise and soul travel one day. To the point, I very quickly experienced many of the expectations when sigil staring, weird shapes, lines disappearing and re appearing, u ntill a moment of culmination where it briefly dissapeared fully. When this happened immediately I felt vibration begin at the base of my tail bone, increasing in strength so much so I thought somehow a call came through my tablet, ( binaural beat source) but knew I had taken precaution from interruption , so my focus dident Waverley vibration literally felt like a vortex swerling, the next brief moment the sigil fully dissapeared again the vibration had made its way up my spine . I arched my back and noticed both of my arms were in the air reaching towards the sky…the vibration made its way to my face where my hands clasped right over top my face , I fell to my knees , my head phones fell out and I had tears running from my eyes, and I laughed out loud so hard I couldn’t recognize my voice. At this time my focus came back to hear both of my dog’s barking at my addition of the house I share…that was 30 minutes ago. And right now I feel like I can run a fucking marathon . More. And im a 29 yrl old pothead. Dudes. What the he’ll just happened to me? Did I just have my first success??