Kingdoms of Flame important question

Are the spirits in KOF egregores?

Every magician I know that worked with them agrees to that. My suspicion is that Koetting and his order created them for their own uses, then revealed them to the world.

How do you tell an egregore apart from something that isn’t?

They feel more human, more familiar to you. Ancient spirits feel very different from the human race, they feel alien.

But that’s based on my experience.

Yes, they are yet are not, at the exact same time. Presencing for example a destructive force does not produce a real tangible shape and voice with a name but as this energy passes through you through your senses to interpret the sense data, it becomes a “real” form based on a personal and cultural construct. The construct is created but the essence of the force is distant. Others in ancient times obviously have done this many times so a critical mass of particular energies appear real based on a collective dream. So it’s all real as well as created to take a form.

This wasn’t the kind of response I was hoping for. Not saying you’re not right, you are, but I’m simply asking if the spirits from the book were created by Koetting and his order or not.

I’m curious, why does it matter? If it works and the spirits teach you what you need, then does it really matter if Koetting “made” them? If we’re going by Koetting’s words, then he found these spirits through his years of evocation, led by other spirits, I believe.

Again, does it actually matter?

Not really, though as someone who seeks the true knowledge about everything it would be interesting to know for sure. But yeah in terms of practicality its no big deal. I can tell you the entities from dantes Ordo Templi Noctis are not egregores though, at least not the ones I have interacted with.

From my experience with working with many of them, I don’t believe they are.

If even half of the spirits listed in KoF or BoA were made by EA, that would be unbelievably impressive.

Where can I find that book? And how is it called? Ordo Templi Noctis is a group, right?

Dante never made the identities of those entities public if you want to find out about them you gotta get a consultation with him.

EDIT: Actually wait, he did make one public on his facebook, Arbadross, a giant demon spider who uses energetic poison and teaches psychic abilities

This is how I have always felt about them. To create such a huge list of powerful and useful entities is arguably more impressive than receiving them in the way EA claims. Either way he is clearly talented beyond most /endcocksuck