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Mode_439 here. I believe we (our forum) may have covered this already somewhere, but I don’t remember, and I don’t really have the time to scroll through all the threads and such…sorry if the following is a repeat.

Does anyone know if there was a correction for the following?

“Ashtu malku ta…” etc.? Is it Ashtu or Lashtu with an “L”? I own a copy of EE and wrote this banishing from the text, however, I believe that the publisher fucked this up?

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In the complete works, page 35 (the section for KoF) spells it "Ashtu"
On page 424 in the EE section it is also “Ashtu”

I’ve always been curious if that ketla at the end of it in EE was supposed to be a kelta.

It is in KoF, pretty sure it should be in EE as well. (What I mean, is that I agree it is a typo in EE, hence the “should be”).

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I have to check my copy of EE as well regarding ketla or kelta. I’ll check back after I research the text.


In the complete works it is “kelta” in both listings for the ritual

Thanks to all, especially my dear friend SW for the added clarification.

Just to address the EE edition I have by Leilah then - the publish did indeed make a mistake.

“…kelta, kelta, ketla hine”

I shall thus make the appropriate changes.