King vine what is your experience with him?

Hay so I’m planning to evoke vine
what is your guy’s experience with Vine?

Oh and whats with the "he can rip your soul out at will thing"
why do some websites specificlly state this?
cant other demons do the exact same thing? :thinking:


Dunno about the “soul ripping” but from my experience he can definitely drop knowledge on your head lol for the workshop i ended up evoking vine to experiment with one of the ritual formulas he dropped on my head. He was there to witness and bless the operation. Essentally the ritual was a planetary operation that evoked vine for witness and blessing followed by 5 planetary evocations for 1 goal. Wiped me the hell out pretty quick.

Posted a bit about it here.


He used to be a war god in Yemen known as Yaghouth.

Also the war god in ancient Egypt.
son of Sekhmet or Bast

That aspect of him takes no shit. He was kind and helpful with me so I didn’t experience anything that would put me off.
Go ahead and call him.


Very powerful and helpful. He will challenge you…Its hard to say about him much, but his sigil certainly spoke to me. Pretty good vibes. I would ask for his help and he would want to see that I want what I’m after, but he helped to build me up, helped me to better understand…


all i can say is that he was very kind, helpful and generous in my interactions with him


I called him last night for the first time as I need a boost in my clairaudience. called him again just now, no sigil, just meditated on his name, and I felt my whole body melt like warm honey was flowing through me. :black_heart:


I asked him if everything was OK between me and him and he told me ”The hermit”. 2 times in a row. What could he mean by that?

Studying Vine I’ve notice he has a lot of attributes of abaddon , I would say vine is a mask of or pylon to abaddon, just like king paimon and azazel

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I would say that Maahes, Abaddon, and Vine, and possibly even Shiva, are different aspects of the same entity. They all represent the Destroyer.

The soul ripping is probably referring to the part of you that was implanted by the archons in order to manipulate and hence control you. It is a good thing for that “soul” to be ripped out and destroyed. Welcome it.