King Vine, what is there to know about him?

So I took the advice of a few members here! (creating an astral temple and reaching out to King Vine)

for any of you experienced with this demon, how did you summon him? what does he like/dislike as offerings? What are some things that are associated with him (if there is anything besides a Lion). what are some things I should take into consideration with King Vine? what are his areas of expertise if he chooses to work with you (like divination)

given the fact he seems to be a underrated demon in the Ars Goetic, there isn’t a lot of text on him so my plan b is reaching out to the forum in hopes of someone to guide me towards the right direction.


Vine has a snake in his hand, he is a warrior, he highlights the power of Scorpio, he is associated with fire and water, he highlights the magic power, he destroys defenses and builds good defenses for the magician, to me it was as if his snake rolled into my thorax and his head will be pointing to my ear, another guy is wrapped around his arm, then disappears


I evoked him, pm If you wanna more info


will do!

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Can you tell us a little more about king vine?

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I have met King Vine and am building a relationship with him. Before I was fully aware of what he looked like, he once physically manifested as a slender, very dark skinned man in his 20s-30s. His eyes (NOT the whites) were a bright yellow. They were fierce. He stood behind me outside a bookstore, as I waited for it to open and pick up my order (during the Covid pandemic.)

He is a Djinn. He was once a mortal sorcerer, who finished the Magnum Opus and has reached physical and spiritual immortality and perfection. Even mortals can have non-human souls.

This video’s music may not be to your liking (or maybe it is!) but there is King Vine. Same eyes, same fierceness. When I am shown past lives, he looks like this. We spent a lot of time in tents, in the desert. He wore a red russet and worn cloaked robe, like the one in the picture of the video.

It is a photograph of a man from Gujarati, India, but assuredly it is Vine, as he guided me to this video and picture. Gods and Demons DO manifest in our world, physically.

I am psychically open and have clear telepathic and astral communication with the Powers of Hell and those allied with them (my Guardians.) You can choose to believe me or not, but most of the information that is not personal, I am sharing here. With Vine’s permission and guidance.

Here is the video:

I hope the best for you in finding out more information about King Vine.


How was his behavior towards you? (playful, distant, harsh…) What can it do at once? (apart from what is written about)

What does vine like as offerings?

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I gave him wine and incense and that seemed to please him. He also likes public praise. Pretty reasonable in my experience.


Sorry for the late reply.
He is kind, polite, patient, and friendly towards me.