King Stolos & nature

It was time to evoke King Stolos last night, and i also felt he would be a good spirit to ask for help with some work on the farm that needed doing.

Initially he wasn’t fussed, but as i explained how i had elderly animals who i needed to help he became much more active, with whisps of movememt - and as a first for me - making the candle flame jump to hilight agreement with some of the things i was saying.

The thing that i wanted to share, which suprised me at the time, but now i have reflected on it makes perfect sence… he said for me to feed the birds in exchange for his help.

Given that he often appears as a bird form ots not surprising that he has an interest in them, but also points to a wider need for me to not only care for my animals on the land but for the wild things there too :heart_eyes:


When I petitioned him, he wanted flowers/plants around the house in exchange. :slight_smile:

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Oh wow!

I did fill my house this time last year but a south facing room& 30 debree summer killed just about everything :disappointed_relieved:

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Interesting - im actually very glad i did not find this thread until after my evocation. I had previously searched “Stolas” here, but after using his enn with “Stolos,” thought to search this way and behold! lol

Im a crazy plant lady, so i have a ton of houseplants and trees, so i had decided to arranged a bunch of them to create a little forest around my circle in the center of my living room, and my rue candle was quite active during the interaction.

Anyway, i know its an old thread but thought it was fascinating SPG to include on this forum regarding the mighty Stolas. Im excited to continue my work with him. I havent actually seen a lot of experiences otherwise, though i am going to explore topics under Stolos more.

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