King Paimon's energy - Different than what most would expect?

I just meditated on King Paimon after burning some frankincense/myrrh incense, offering him a glass of wine, a cigarette (which he smoked fully), and burning a candle to him. I saw him in my meditations, I saw his great legions carrying his standard, and near the end of the meditation I transformed into a bird and flew over his legions so I could see them in their full magnificence.

I know some people say his energy is intense and it is in it’s own way but does anyone else feel extreme calm when around King Paimon? I don’t know why but whenever I feel his energy it always seems to put me in a state of calm and has a nice “softness” to it. People also say he has a booming voice but whenever I’ve been around him he’s always been soft spoken and had a slightly feminine energy. I also consider him a good friend.

Has anyone else had similar experiences with the Great King?

I also feel like I strongly resonate with his energy as someone who’s always been interested in the arts, science, technology, and psychology.


He’s a very patient person, a great demon to work with.

I’ve also experienced that.


I thought I was the only one, It’s good to hear others have had similar experiences since I know I’m not dealing with an imposter. Keep in mind, I’ve never had any doubts when around King Paimon since his energy always feels very distinct to me but it’s always nice to have confirmations and reassurances when dealing with spirits. Have you had any other interesting experiences with King Paimon you’d want to share if you don’t mind me asking? I’m only asking because I’m feeling drawn to his energy today for some reason even though I wasn’t originally planning on working with him today. It almost feels like I’m being called to work with him in a more in depth manner.

Glad you’ve had that experience. He feels “grounded”, the energy feels like security and surety. I feel that some “bad” experiences with King Paimon may occur due to people using a JCI framework instead of being respectful and having a backbone.

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I’ve worked with the great King Paimon for close two 20 months now and he has always had a very calming effect on me. Except when he and I do any kind of spell work or another other rituals we have planned then I feel wired and it takes me a day or two to come down from his energy. So yes he has that calming effect on people…


You’re not the only one, He has a calming, grounded energy ime. I haven’t heard the booming voice either, it’s a very beautiful voice that has an interesting character - definitely male (in a lower tenor or higher baritone range, to be more precise), but with a somewhat feminine quality to it. Btw it’s a gorgeous singing voice, too.

Mostly, His energy feels light, grounded and not predominantly fiery to me. I have felt heat when He was around, and sometimes His presence feels more intense physically than other times (I’m told this has to do do with the nervous system), but it’s always calm. If I had to describe it in three words I’d say: calm, cool, collected.

The old-timey description also says He appears with a huge crown on His head, which I haven’t seen until later. He came to me wearing different headdresses or turbans, but also without any. The old texts aren’t necessarily a blueprint for everybody’s experiences.


Tell me about it… I was suffering from extreme 24/7 anxiety for 6 months, the day I called on him I felt calmer and later in my sleep he arrived and put his hands on my chest…boom no more anxiety just like that :slight_smile:


YOOOO this comment is so REAL hahah MAN
I do a lot of music with king paimon
And yesterday the whole process from writing, invoking recording etc
was super intense
Still coming down from yesterday

I can also sense his calmness and poise, stability and friendliness. However, when communicating with him, I feel the activation of my own energy. He agreed to help me develop or awaken my soul or my higher self, Attakeria, and, apparently, that’s why I feel surges of energy while communicating with him.

Usually I talk to him near the fountain, and it seems to me that this is a gesture of friendship, since Attakeria belongs to the fire and water elements.

Definitely King Paimon.

I asked him to take away my anxiety and he did. He’s a great King. He has taught me so much.

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