King Paimon


Recently, I have been thinking about invoking King Paimon and decided to look into his background. Apparently, King Paimon is a female who takes the form of a male when called upon. I wanted an insight as if to this is accurate?

There is more. Paimon is a friendly, and kind entity that accepts any offering, and is a good demon to be friends with. Paimon can also be summond with an Ouija Board. (So I’ve read).

I’d just like to know if what I’ve been reading is accurate information.


Spirits don’t really have a gender, but King Paimon appears as a male to many. Some say He was originally a goddess from Mesopotamia, others think he was sort of “made up” in the Goetia, while others think he’s an Anunaki from Nibiru. :woman_facepalming: :woman_shrugging: He is definitely worthy of respect and a LOT more powerful than some people seem to think, just saying.

I’d stay away from the Ouija Board if you’re inexperienced. There are safer forms of divination you could use. Also, there are many (many!) posts about King Paimon on this forum, and if you use the search function, you’ll most likely have your questions answered. If not, you can still make a thread with your specific questions that the search didn’t answer. There are quite a few people here who are working with this great spirit, and can certainly give you advice if it’s something you can’t find elsewhere.


Please use the search function before creating a thread in future. You have just added another unnecessary strand to the King Paimon thread saga.


Spirits don’t have a gender, but to my experience he prefers a male form.

First, it’s King Paimon! Also, he’s friendly, but you need to be really respectful. Remember, he’s a king! He will accept all kinds of offerings, but he has standards, make sure to give him the finest of things.

Spirits in general aren’t fond of it, so I wouldn’t try it.


Could u please introduce some good occultists know King Paimon?

What do you need help with?

There are plenty of references in the search tab, sinister already pointed that out, there are evocation guides and everything on here just search.

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Thank you.

Thank you very much.

So I’ve already read.

Also, I had specific questions that I did not find. So, this comment was unnecessary.

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Check out “Secrets of the Gods” channel on youtube.


So you do not possess the initiative to post a reply asking for advice in another King Paimon thread and instead have to create an entirely new one?

I just joined yesterday, not so sure how it all works.
Unsure why you’re so pressed about it?

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Fair enough. Like any other forum, really. Take a gander at the “rules” section.

Because you became chippy with me and this forum has enough threads about King Paimon.


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I’d say King Paimom is male with feminine features but a lot of the spirits can be either or.

He is very regal so don’t expect him to be a buddy type of entity.

There are certain offerings he does prefer which you will find out by working with him and asking directly. He will let you know or have a look around the forum to see what others have given him as an offering. Personalised usually works best.

I would refrain from going straight to calling him out via ouija board. Especially if you’re inexperienced. There are better ways.




I knew that channel and watched all the videos before, but thanks.