King Paimon

I had an amazing dinner with King Paimon tonight, my family gave him the best we could offer and the food in general tasted way better than normal. He really enjoyed it and it was a good bonding experience. He gave my husband and I a great last weekend.

He also thanked us for giving him pineapple instead of mountain dew.

He wanted me to write about this on this forum.


Thanks for sharing!

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What energy does anyone feel?


So I cast a curse on all people who sent my nudes, now a friend is complaining about her grin, pleading he didn’t do nothing, asking me to take bake (told him to uncross and if he told the others he would get it by three) Azazel helped me a lot with this, I really love him and lillith

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I’m keeping notes here, but my spells are working really well. And someone who got in the crossfire because he did bad I told him how to uncross but if he tells others it wouldn’t be good for him.

Also sending him a succubus once uncrossing is done.