King Paimon

So I have been stuck lately, in a housing situation where I can’t do too much magickally, getting depressive wondering if I’ll even get enough power for Úlfur Guð Tímans to become the God of time he’s made to be, and my other half suggested we evoke a greater power to assist with more of it. So after research and reading, King Paimon became the choice. I have read a few people’s experiences with him and I’m actually excited for the chance to do it. it’ll be my first evocation, and I just want to ask if anyone has any tips or anything for me to know before I go through with it. I’m planning on doing the evocation on June 12 ( which I read was one of his days) and getting ready for it this whole month.


First of all, do you have any experience with things like astral senses? Or banishing? I mean, since it’s your first time summoning a spirit, you should master these before doing so.

Anyway, do use the forum search function to search for info on King Paimon. There are already real many posts about him.

However, since I’m here, I can share with you the following:

  1. Always be respectful to him.
  2. Always call him by his title.
  3. Be fully dressed when you summon him (even if you don’t feel like being formally dressed, just be fully dressed, aka no topless, etc.).
  4. Make sure (since it’s your first time) to banish before you summon him, in order for the space to be clean of any other energies that might bother him.
  5. Always take him seriously and his teachings.
  6. He dislikes lazy people: work hard in whatever you want to achieve and he’ll help you, but he won’t do things for you (no spirit will actually do that).
  7. Make sure to make an offering when you call him (you can use the forum search function to find suitable offerings for him).
  8. He’s very beginner friendly, so don’t worry if you make a mistake, he won’t really mind.
  9. He always comes when summoned, even if you don’t feel him there.

I always use sage to cleanse my space, when possible, before doing anything magickal. I am still building my astral senses, my alternate is currently more in tune with spirits than myself and not my first time dealing with spirits, simply my first time actually summoning one, especially from the goetia. Thanks for the tips, I did search the forum and read a lot, saw your posts more than a few times and I just have this habit of always wanting more information no matter how much I have already.


That’s not that bad actually. I kinda have the same habit XD.


I agree with everything Manosman said.
Another suggestion I would recommend is make sure that you make yourself smell good. He seemed to reflect well with me whenever I used cologne before asking him to appear.

Also, if you want to have a well received experience I highly recommend wearing green as to Persians and Iranians it represents heaven and sanctuary or a well tended garden.


Green clothes need to get, any particular fragrance appeal more to him that you know of?

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No idea, I was just going off of the culture where a lot of people believe he finds his origin.
The cologne thing was a personal preference because everything I read about him was that he carries the “finest” perfumes and colognes.

The idea of green was just going off of colors and their symbology in specific cultures. For example : I’m not going to summon the Ayakashi if I’m wearing white since in Japan white is viewed as death or evil. As well, I’m not going to wear black or white at the ghost festival in Taiwan.

The very first thing I do before learning any new magick, or performing any new ritual is learn the culture where it finds it’s base.


He would certainly appreciate the idea with the cultural reference, but generally speaking he’s totally ok with any color or outfit as long as it’s something that shows you put some thought into it (not only out of respect for him, but also for yourself!), and you didn’t just roll out of bed in your jogging pants etc. Dress like you would if you expected a guest that you have respect for and are looking forward to spending time with. Prepare your room/ space so that it’s clean and tidied up, and as for fragrances: I don’t think he’s a huge fan of citrus-y smells (or tastes, for that matter), but really just go with what you like. You’re going to be fine :slight_smile: