King Paimon vs Belial in court

It is most often regarded that King Paimon is go to for influence and sway especially in court matters but I have a hearing on May 1st and I am already signed up for the full evocation of Belial ritual? Coincidence? So what of his influencial powers to grant sway in the courtroom? It’s only natural to be curious I’m not in like serious legal trouble my son older boys mother has no job, nothing better to do, owes me what I assume is a very large amount of money in child support yet is trying to suit me for contempt of court because she is only allowed supervised visits and the visitation center cut funding and only allows one a week when she’s granted per court order 2 so it’s my fault they got funding cut. You’d think that’s absurd and any judge would agree and it is but you wouldn’t believe what goes on in my county in these types of family matters.


I haven’t worked with Belial before. But King Paimon, I trust him and I believe he can help you.


Belial is a beast at cracking the whip at the law and courts.


Another told me he has an " old school sense of honor" and believe me when I say honorable my fucking ass the judge that is. And being that he is a corrupt piece of shit that will not sit well with Belial- I would think that and his natural “without a master” nature is fitting with any who try to judge us- especially in this case since I literally and I mean literally did nothing wrong. I would think Belial would love to eat this bastard up- I could go on and on with specifics but it is unbelievable what he gets away with and what he does to others in family type cases. Children are better off in proven busted meth labs then with an honest hard working parent in my county. I wish I where exaggerating.


You’ll win

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I think it depends on situations? Belial helped me tremendously in getting jobs but not in court. I don’t know why he didn’t help me in court when is it said he’s the best for court. Is divorce case and so far neither Belial neither Hekate didn’t really help. Last I asked a santeria guy to help me and he evoked orishas and specifically Oya for me and I did see positive result with that. I guess it depends on situation and person. I wished Belial would have helped me in court too because with jobs he was extremly good.

I retract saying that Belial didn’t help me in court at all. He did help me some but for some reason that I beleive it has to do with the ex Belial could not perhaps help me all the way through. I really susspect that my ex evoked Belial too for the same matter, or something more powerful that’s why he didn’t want to help all the way trough. However working with multiple deities at once is good if one can’t totally help maybe the other one can take over…