King paimon to lucifer, lucifer to azazel

my work with king paimon guided me to lucifer and i was working a lot with him recently, but now he said that for my ascent, i should look for azazel
also someone was reading me and heard his name being repeated a lot

so i did my search,
and what i found about azazel is that he encourages you to feel and act like a god, has a wicked sense of humor and is very sexual
(if you want to add other things, do it, please)

but my question is: am i ready for him? i mean, lucifer CHANGED things in my life in a very gente way, can i expect the same for azazel? bc i’ve seen people saying he complains and gets REALLY angry with some habits that he sees as weakness, per exemple, smoking and drinking.

also if you have contact with him, i’d like to ask you to ask about me and if he’s wanting something from me?


Azazel will definitely make a huge impact, perhaps just as large as Lucifer did. I don’t think Lucifer would have pointed you to him if he didn’t believe you to be ready.


does that mean that he could put me in a shitty situation to prove my value or something like this? some people claim that lucifer does that, but he never did it to me


Not necessarily. They know that each practitioner is different and will treat each one accordingly. Everybody learns different and they get that.


can we talk about your work with him and how it started?

That is a very very long story, but you may pm me if you would like to hear the gist of it.


i’d love to ! :slight_smile:

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