King Paimon suddenly appeared in my dream. Why has he? Was it really him?

I’ve been wanting to evoke or communicate with King Paimon for a very very long time. When I meditate or just talk to myself/request for help, I would ask him to give me a sign as I didn’t think my third eye was fully developed.

I’ve only dreamt about King Paimon once in my life ever, and that was after I ordered a stainless steel sigil and I slept with his image in my head.

The second time I dreamt about King Paimon was very sudden. I had no thoughts of him whatsoever, and my dream was very lucid. I had full control over my dreams. I was in a basement full of storage, which includes boxes, crates, and metal shelves.

Behind a shelf, it appeared to be King Paimon, and he walked from the shelf and towards me. He had shoulder-length red hair and dark eyes. I felt his energy just by looking at him.

I was not afraid at all, rather surprised. He grabbed my left shoulder very roughly and turned me around and that was when my dream shifted. That episode ended.

The way he grabbed my shoulder was very rough, not painful though. I didn’t feel threatened when he did that. I was rather confused. He hadn’t said a word to me either. Were these just my own thoughts or was King Paimon actually there influencing my dream to show himself?


It’s common for spirits to influence dreams like that or to appear in our dreams as a means of communication.


I have had King Paimon come to me in dreams before, so it’s completely possible. Maybe meditate on it or use some kind of divination to figure it out.


I have had King Paimon come to me in my dreams as well, divination definitely sounds like the right way to go to me to find out if this was a true connection with him or not. Just take your time and clear your head before and place him directly in your minds eye before you start, that way you’ll get as accurate a reading as possible…

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