King paimon ritual

Hello guy.

I’ve summoning king paimon for some personal work. That I feel he can do it. And during the ritual. I dont feel much. But after ritual my head is heavy. And to other people. The energy in room seems heavy. After the ritual my head hurts for quite long period of time. I get random energy chills

So how do I know if my prayer is heard ?
And is wrong to ask for sign to king paimon everytime I do the ritual ?
How do I strengthen my bond with this great spirit?
I hope I’m doing the things correctly.

Any advice will put me on right path. Thank you.

There are many threads here where all of your questions have already been answered, just use the search function. :mag:

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I did that already. But this are still my doubts.

Doubts are normal, everyone has them at some point. If you’re serious and respectful, He will answer your call. He heard you. Work on your astral senses and learn to trust your intuition, He will find a way to give you signs that you can understand. He is very patient, so don’t think you’re doing something wrong when you’re still learning and gaining experience. You’ll make the best progress if you have some confidence in yourself. That’s very important. He respects you if you respect Him and yourself, too. Good luck!

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Alright I’ll just do the ritual with full focus and confidence And not worry about the signs yet.

And I’m very courteous and responsible when i do king paimon ritual.

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I don’t have anything else to add.

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While you form a bond with him, if it is a full manifestation you seek, make it routine to give him an offering in exchange for guidance every night. Just burn some sandal wood. It took about a year for him to fully manifest to me. Dont be discouraged is the only advice I can offer. As mentioned, doubts are normal. He is profoundly patient.


Great I will do that.