King paimon method to change minds - Channeled technique


i agree with @tov762


Cool! I’ll experiment with it!


Can the thought be detailed? I need someone to reflect on things and how they treat me.


yeah but i think it would take more time solidiying the thought in the orb later meditate on the orb


This is my kinda game. Thanks for sharing.
Any idea what these words mean though? @Xag_darklight @Manosman


It’s demonic tongue, in my knowledge I know that the demon tongue has no true translation but instead is power, intent and energy in sound if words


Don’t want to derail the thread but do it in stages. You need an entry point, a point of capture first of sorts and then focus on embellishing it with details. Otherwise you might just want to do other types of spellworx that allow details to flourish from the get go.


Thanks :wink:


How do you pronounce this?



Like you could say “an” apple"
Zang like you say “zing " Zang”
En like enn
Ee like e in the word English and k like k
Zur like zoom instead of um our r
And the last
Gal like ga in gallery


So, from what you’ve said, I should say it like this: AN-ZANG ENN-ZEE EEK ZUUR-GAHL ??


Yes exactly


Many thanks. Now to influence my aunt… :slight_smile:


Hahah best of luck!


As mentioned, these are words of power, they don’t have a translation. They are made to create certain vibrations that change the flow of energies. They’re not a language, but you could call them “energy works in words”, or something like that.


Pronounciation doesn’t really matter with some words. You just need to feel the vibrations.


I realise that. I asked because it helps me to have an idea of how to pronounce the words, so that I don’t stumble when reciting. It just smooths things out for me.


This sounds very similar to a form of energy Magick I was supposed to use a few Years ago.

Would it work if I sent it to a target via my phone?


I was looking for other ways to change minds and this pops up. Thank you for sharing, I’m definitely trying this.


I think if you can find their energy within your mind and connect with you should be able to influence. You can’t just say the words while texting expecting it to work, gotta do some give and take!