King paimon method to change minds - Channeled technique


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Is this incantation spoken once you first visualize the orb and it is created, or when it is solidified with purpose prior to going into your subjects mind? Thank you.


During its creation.



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Danke :).

Anyone have any good results with this yet?

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Im trying it in few hours. If people can do their promises and pay please :(:weary:


best of luck

Does this Incantation go against their free will and if so is there repercussions?? I would like to use it on some clients to contact me or reply.
In the last two months i had 3x clients, our consults was good for all three separate consultations and discussed their requirements and each client was in agreement and looked forward for us to start, one client was booked for this month May, and the other two would be in August, but they haven’t replied to my emails or texts and i have no idea why. I run a home-based Bridal dressmaking service/business, my quotes were fair for what they wanted and agreed to make a deposit at the next meeting, i only accept deposits when they return for the measurements and know exactly what they want, anyway, none of them return my messages, even if they changed their minds and purchased a dress elsewhere i expected at least one person to reply and let me know what the go is!
So, i guess i would like to know if i use the King Paimon Method, would that effect their will or my business, outcome of anything??

It doesn’t exactly go against free will, but it can affect them greatly nonetheless.

Someone posted a link to E.A Koeting King Paimon Method of changing a person mind to conform… video on here other day and now i cannot find the the LINK , anyone know the link please? I tried searching everywhere!!! I Bookmarked it I’m sure, but not there either!! Maybe it’s a message for me.??


I don’t remember that. If you find it, feel free to link it here.

Aha! I found it !! I apologise, was not with or about King Paimon Method, I’ve been reading heaps on this forum learning and gathering information toward my path to better myself with magick.
The video I was talking about and asked if the incantation goes against anyone’s Free Will is called: Black Magic to Shamelessly Manipulate Human Beings.
It’s on YouTube, I couldn’t add the link here. :smiley:


That’s okay. I thought it was wierd I couldn’t remember it, because I remember almost every important thread about King Paimon.


How to pronounce it right? And can anybody do this visualization i mean if you are not working with paimon or invoking or evoking him?

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I dont even know how to pronounce enn?

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anybody can do it,but i would offer something to king paimon that was my first time.

i pronounce his enn like this
Linan tasa jedan paimon

Leen’aann tasa jee’dan paymon

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Here goes one stupid question… what do you mean by, "Think it purpose like “look at left”? Should I replace the “look at left” to my petition?

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Yes, that was Just a example.

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