King Paimon - Help Request

Hello everyone…

I was wondering for those who are connected to King Paimon can ask if it was him who I’ve been in contact with last Monday 8/3 thru Friday 8/7. There were specific things I had asked and I’m hoping for the sign to happen today (Friday 8/14) as a confirmation he had accepted.

I would greatly appreciate this. Thank you.

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I think that depends on what you were asking for. For example, if you’re asking for riches, demons like Bune or Mammon will approach you. I won’t pry on what you were asking for, but unless it involves arts or science, I don’t think Paimon will heed your call.

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What about beauty, or healing of the body like scars? Thank you in advanced.

For healing, Marbas might be better for that. Paimon is not really interested in healing, though he is involved in beauty.

@TheGreyhound Thank you

Spirits don’t really like it when people speak to them on behalf of others. However, King Paimon is one of the spirits that always come when summoned, even if you don’t feel him there.

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Thank you

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I’d say Marbas, Buer, and Valefor

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