King Paimon gifted me a dragon

So lately Paimon has been working with me on really getting my chakras fully opened and functioning again, and during the crown chakra, he pulled me into this land that looked like colourful lava flowing underneath, with these great, huge structures towering above. Of course I am only seeing through my third eye so I easily could have mistaken my surroundings. Anyways- I managed to have my crown fully open, which completes all chakras opened for me when Paimon said he had a gift for me. In the colours behind my eyelids I could see this shape that was the most brilliant purple/ blue/ pink colour I have ever seen. It was the colour of the crown chakra intensified, and I watched this little dot of colour slowly form into this great big creature, that looked like a dragon. It flapped its wings and flew around me, it was absolutely gorgeous to see. He told me her name was “Emalia” which is a version of Emma that I sometimes go by, he said he named her after me and that this dragon was mine to look after.

Thankyou King Paimon!

(Looked similar to this, just much more saturated in colour almost like it was ultra violet)


Congrats on your experience. Take good care of the dragon.




Translation you think you are taking care of the dragon and likely teaching her of the mortal world but she is also there to make sure you don’t blow yourself up. :wink:
I always figured Paimon had more to do with dragons than he lets on.


Oh yeah, 110% she is taking care and teaching me rather than I to her!
I think Paimon must look have a strong interest in non earth creatures, when he showed me he was all excited and happy, got that little kick to him that’s almost a childlike wonder :joy:


:heart_eyes: congrats!