King paimon divination

Hello members.

I use alphabet dice to do divination and lately I’ve been doing lot of divination withking paimon!
I always get an answer form him.

But after asking some questions he answers that to not irritate him with trivial questions.

I usually confirm my answers with king paimon. And I kind of seek conformation alot

My question what is the best way to ask question to king paimon without making him irritated by the same. And anyone of you has got same answers from him ?

I’m kind of new to divination so I’m working my way up.

Any help and guidance will make me better at this :slight_smile:

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Well, he normally doesn’t have any problems with people asking lots of questions. However, it’s true that he sometimes gets angry if you bother him with questions you can easily find the answer to (for example, if you can find the answer here on BALG easily).

Yes, makes sense. I do lot of confirmation seeking like “should I go ahead and do this ? Did you mean like this ? Or like that?” I ask this type of question. I guess that is why he is getting irritated by it .

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It’s okay to seek guidance, just make sure you’re clear about things and you use your mind about it. He likes it when people figure things out on their own. This is why he likes giving riddles or puzzles.