King Paimon came to me

Hello all!
I wanted to share this experience because it was very intense and interesting.
I lt was late at night and i was researching different demons. After reading about King Paimon something about it stuck in my mind. I didnt say his name out loud or go through the process of evocation it was just simply research. When I was done I decided to go to sleep and while I was drifting off to sleep I kept hearing in my head “king paimon” over and over incessantly and couldnt get myself to stop saying his name in my head. I started getting images in my mind of fire and scary stereotypical “demon” looking figures. It freaked me the hell out honestly. It felt like someone was sitting on my chest and that I couldnt breathe or move. In my frightened, half asleep state I called upon archangel michael (bad move i know.) I could feel the King was disappointed. I immediately apologized to him for being foolish and ignorant, and that I did not mean to be disrespectful, it was just I was trying to sleep. I told him I would properly evoke him when the time is right and he said he has many things to teach me. I’ve done several evocations but nothing has ever been that intense. I wanted to get your opinion on it, as to why this may have happened or if you have experienced something like this. I made another formal apology last night to him and he has forgiven me for being foolish. I plan to make a grand offering to him to show my respect and admiration. Please let me know if you have any tips or similar experiences.


Thanks for sharing!

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I look forward to reading an update about your evocation and what King Paimon has to share with you. Please share if you feel comfortable doing so and if King Paimon wants you to. Thanks for sharing this.


The feeling of something sitting on your chest and not being able to move sounds like sleep paralysis. If he came to you while you were going to sleep what about putting his sigil under your pillow before going to sleep, this may be his preference in working with you and this time you would be prepared as in not being fearful.


I do this with every demon I haven’t worked with yet and so far the clarity and depth has been mind blowing.

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King Paimon, in my own inspirational experience, has taken a female form and holds domain over art, satire, and media. Her form appeared similar to Harley Quinn, as in a clown girl.


For me the king appears in royal old robes and a Pope looking hat. He’s intense but will teach you the best.

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He can be intemidating but he is strict and firm but also kind and caring so I can see why you would have this experience he came to you expecting you would call after your extisive research but you didn’t so he came to you instead this happen to me with furfur…

I did a bunch of research on him scared out of my mind cause online says don’t trust him…but I looked him up and instinly loved his sigil so I drew it and kinda blanked out while drawing it and it was perfect

I can’t draw so I was happy how it looked

I felt energy I’ve never felt before it was fuzzy warm vibrations they were happy and calming

I closed my book and got out of bed confused on the feeling then it turned extremely hot in the room…I knew it was him I told him I was still shaken from my first attempt so I needed time before I called on him and I will when I was ready it was a promise I made to him that he became happy about

Best decision ever let me tell you so try your hardest to case fear aside and just go for it you know good things come out of it if you do


So I tried the evocation last night and it was very calm. I could hear him but it was very faint like he couldn’t get near me. Not much happened and i was sorta stumped. I just now realized I had been wearing my protection talisman. :woman_facepalming: When he came to me initially I wasn’t wearing it. Here’s what it looks like:

I can hear him giggling because now he knows that I know why it didn’t work lol. I think he wanted me to figure that out on my own. He wants me to trust him. I will try again tonight and update you guys. X


So everything went perfectly to plan. He fulfilled my requests by teaching me the magick to do it myself which was quite cool. He is very different from other daemons I have contacted in that he seems to be more interested in teaching than just granting wishes, which is great for me because i love learning. I think that could be why he came to me, I’m a passionate learner and he’s a passionate teacher. Still, my clairvoyance skills are pretty much non existent, but my clairaudience and clairsentience is very sharp, which, to me are the most important things. (I learn best audibly instead of visually.) I have the same hearing abilities with all spirits, which is something I cherish, although I wish I could draw a picture of him from memory as a gift. Sorry this is long but it went great. Thank you all for your help.