King Paimon called off pact?

Has anyone ever had a demon sort of bow out of your life, say contracts up early and leave?

I haven’t really worked consistently with demons in a few years; kundalini/serpent power and Draconian current has been my focus. However, I’ve kept a couple of Goetia demons around me for old times sake, respect and to finish a goal or pact. One of which was King Paimon. We had a great run, I agreed to 5 years to complete a project with him. But following a 5 day Kali Ma meditation working (found on Temple of Ascending Flame website) and the Jupiter/Saturn conjunction King Paimon gave me a gnosis dump, finished up our work on a new spell and familiar and literally gave me a hands off gesture and didn’t follow through on his end of the bargain. King Paimon usually comes to me with this high energy and a lot of promises, I always do my end above and beyond and I ALWAYS get the payout. I’m wondering if this particular situation he bowed out of ended up too complicated for him to pull strings on, or if my Kali Ma workings changed the situation or what. He wouldn’t even answer my questions about why, just finished my lesson and said the remaining years were over and didn’t fulfill his end of the more recent bargain. Offering of blood and other things was accepted, even his special request, the ritual and renewal enn was accepted and he said he’d do ___ before a certain date. After the date passed and I got none of the assured results I asked him why it didn’t happen and he refused to give details just cut off the contract. I was very studious, gave him a lot of wiggle room in my life to act and show me things. I am actually disappointed he was a favorite, I enjoyed the work and I was working on a book of original spells but he said I don’t need him anymore. I physically felt his presence leave and I sort of feel very quiet inside now. I’m also rather disappointed to not finish the second half of the working. I could definitely write more with what he taught me and get creative BUT I was counting on those extra years!

I’m wondering if anyone else has just had their patron spirit up and leave. Or a long term contract ended suddenly? I expected to the one to fail and try to end it prematurely tbh

I’ve always respected the spirits that come in and out of my life. They impart wisdom, teach lessons but eventually like training wheels on a bike I don’t need them anymore so we respectfully end the journey. King Paimon showed me this example, sort of suggesting I’d surpassed anything he had for me. But that still makes no sense, he should have kept up his last years of our deal imo. I’d have been punished in some way if I did not, or if I disrespected him, I’m sure. I’d be toast if I left early. So why can a demon just up and leave (King or not)? So I’m also interested in if a fellow King Paimon fan can weigh in and see if he says anything about this post.

I find this a bit odd. I’ve had a demon leave for a short period or two but this is different. I have had demons try to talk me out of a pact, or renegotiate but never say the pact is over. There tends to be consequences for not finishing or at least resolving a pact, that is as I understand it. I would imagine either you are messing up the pact in some way and looking unlikely to resolve it and he is leaving in a form of wood pacting, or this has made him so upset that he would rather be criminal, or he’ll be back.

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Why don’t you ask king Paimon yourself? No one here would have the answer. Our guess is just as good as yours.

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I’m in a long time patronage with King Paimon and I’ve never had this happen to me with him. Maybe he felt there was no more to teach you or some other reason which only he would know. I say ask him summon him and just ask him point blank about the end goal and all other promises made and the one’s that were unkept. That is about the best I can say about what happened. Hopefully you get your answers you seek.

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I usually get a lot of poltergeist sort of energy with him… now to the point of difficulty lighting candle, empty pens so I can’t write his sigil when I try to open a ceremony for him. Telepathic link and and energetic cords also gone. As I said he LEFT and is gone gone and I can’t reopen conversation about this. Only thing I’ve got is a 5 of wands Tarot card which makes sense. He couldn’t or wouldn’t come through because of a too many cooks in the kitchen scenario. Too many individual agendas and personalities became involved for him to intervene with specific results as he has in the past

Yes that is normal because it serves to your evolution and Ascension. If your vibration changes the demons guide you to the ones who help you on your path. But hey maybe later you work together again.


Luckily King Paimon isn’t one to punish you. But I stopped pursuing a lot of stuff and my path sort of changed. He left but never did anything awful to me. I made some offerings to make peace and moved on with my life.

King Paimon, from what I understand, expects dedication. Not to him, but the pursuit of knowledge. If he feels you’ve become neglectful to that goal or that you’re too “human” and emotionally driven, he’s likely not interested. I got caught up in love and stuff like that. I stopped receiving his guidance around then. He did leave me with a familiar. A litter of cats, all but the 9th died. The cat is fiercely loyal to me, love him to death and very thankful.

Basically if youre afraid of repercussions. Just make peace. Hes one of the more tolerant spirits.