King paimon, burning on legs?

I just tried to evock King paimon. My pendulum Started moving forward (yes) that he was there. I didn’t get the feeling that I was being harmed but my calves started tingling burning. What does this mean? Was it something else? My candles were bouncing around and a hand appeared to be lifting the glass of wine up and down. I also had pineapple and Reese’s peanut butter cups.


Probably how you body just reacts to him being around.
Kind of like how I get electric feelings with Lucifer or some random “cold heats” in my body.


I agree that it could be that. You can always ask him ofc!

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@Manosman I asked him to guide me in an emergency situation, how do I know if he has accepted or not? I have not had any signs so far, and I need to resolve this emergency.

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did you use his sigil to evoke?

Were you kneeled or cross legged? If yes, that could probably be it.

I was standing it felt like hot hands were wrapped around my ankles.

If you did everything well, when you asked him, then he probably agreed.

I’d tell you that you need to open your astral senses. But if you don’t have time for that, then you can either use divination or wait for any results. But you should believe he agreed!

PS: You should still try to open your astral senses though!


its the same now when i call furfur i get over heated at first it was happy waves of electic energy i dont even feel that no more just heat i assum because of the change in weather or my own aura


@Manosman thanks