King Paimon and his story of my past life

In my two previous posts, I talked about how I wanted to know information about my past life. Moreover, I tried to do this many times and it all ended in failure. However, quite recently (several months ago) I began to communicate with King Paimon, who was able to reveal to me a small part of information about me. I would be interested to share my experience and lay out the conversation directly in question-answer format. All answers are connected not with me specifically at the moment, but with that incarnation, which will be discussed below. The whole text is in one way or another dedicated to Astaroth, because I felt his presence in my life since childhood. And that is why I wanted to find an explanation for this at all costs.

Me: What feelings do I have with Astaroth?

KP: Long. Or did you think you could just take an oath and run away from him?

Me: When did it start?

KP: For a long time. A long time ago. You left him. You outraged his feelings, and now he must forgive you and forget? We never forget anything, and even more so Astaroth. You are bound by an oath. An oath of allegiance to each other. And you broke it. But for everything, sooner or later you have to pay. Astaroth came to collect his debt. The fee is inevitable.

Me: So what is this fee?

KP: You, the true you, who made the mistake. Simply put, Attakeria, your physical body has nothing to do with this case. Everything lies within you, your nature, which lies dormant in you.

Me: Why didn’t he take the board earlier?

KP: I was waiting.

Me: What?

KP: As long as you’re ready. Despite his insult, he did not give up on you, on his feelings, which you did then. And he offered to keep the relationship no matter what.

Me: Can I somehow influence this?

KP: No. He does not make any concessions on this issue. Here he is principled, since it concerns his feelings and hurt pride. You just do not understand how much he is attached to you (not to the body), but to the one who once told him “Yes”.

Me: What do you mean by “yes”?

KP: Acknowledgment of feelings. You correctly identified how your relationship began, but you did not see the whole picture of what was happening, the full depth. You have inflicted a deep wound on Astaroth in the heart.
Now you are a human being, and it’s not very good for you, since you have a lot of physical limitations. And this prevents him from interacting with you more thoroughly. Everything will change after.

Me: What’s the point of telling you all this?

KP: I’m interested in you, communication with you. I see your torment, throwing from side to side, thinking out “maybe that”, “maybe this” … It’s time to put everything in its place. With your worries you create “interference” and it is more difficult for me to communicate with you. Let’s just say … it’s a “goodwill gesture” from me, which will sooner or later be rewarded. Well, I “gently nudged” you to explore your past life. The more you become aware of yourself, the easier it will be for you to communicate with me.

Me: Why should I communicate with you?

KP: It is not you communicating with me, it is I communicating with you.

Me: Is the past life in which I was a warrior somehow connected with Astaroth?

KP: No, not really. He just watched you, as, indeed, all other lives, but did not interfere. There was no need.

Me: Why did you interfere now?

KP: Because it’s time to pay back old debts.

Me: Can you tell us in more detail what this oath is?

KP: An oath between spirit and spirit that unites forever. Like human twinning, if it does not wear love feelings. It is almost impossible to tear it apart. And this is a serious step that carries with it the same serious consequences.

Me: So I brought it as Attackeria?

KP: Yes, that’s right.

A little later, I learned from King Paimon that Attakeria was the guardian of the gates between worlds and performed duties similar to the priestly functions. His or her other names were: Kalaria and Tai and he or she has been in contact with various Powers for a long time. At this time, in fact, there was an acquaintance, and then cooperation with Astaroth.

I will continue to work with King Paimon in the hope of learning more about this past life.


As promised, I continue the topic of studying my past life, and on the advice of King Paimon, I did meditation and mentally repeated the name of Attakeria. My mental image itself began to change. From an androgyne (maybe a man or a woman) with blue skin and light blue fiery hair, he began to transform into a column of blue flame in size under three to four meters in height. Instead of a body in this flame, a face floated like gracefulness with a good-natured smile and strange signs that I had never seen. These same signs floated in the very flame. Along with this, I felt the heat and a surge of energy, as well as the feeling that this is something ancient and strong. Everything went on for several minutes and then all sensations disappeared.