King Paimon and Blue fire behind me

Just have some questions hoping to be answered…
So here I was this morning summoning King Paimon… I had prepared a circle of protection with salt and 3 candles…now I understand that a simple circle of salt isn’t enough to hold such a strong being but regardless the candle that was behind me the fire turned into a small blue ball (idk if you can tell by the pictures) the other two were the other two candles that were in the circle but the one that looks dim and blue is the one that was behind me… What does this mean…?


He stated he found it humorous and was teasing.

I hope so, he felt upset I did this the day after I was told to do it with rotten fruit offerings… I didn’t mean to have the fruit go bad D:

When King Paimon arrives, he likes to make his presence known. That can happen with sounds, noises or even tricks like that.

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I meant he found the salt circle humorous and was teasing in that regards :slight_smile: I’m uncertain on the fruit offerings, but if it was a mistake I’m sure he wouldn’t take it to heart friend. A simple misunderstanding :black_heart: just try to make it right next time.

I haven’t found that to be the case with me, he is quite subtle in ways. I think it’s situational with people.

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I mean, it doesn’t always happen. It only happened once or twice with me too. But it’s something that does happen.

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I don’t understand why you make protection circles at first place, Its useless.


Probably to keep out any unwanted visitors… I do get it, especially if someone is a beginner, it’s useful. Of course, such a circle won’t work against powerful spirits, but mere liches or parasytes will be left out. Though, you should also banish, that’s even more helpful.

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Your Sumerian banishing ritual has been quite helpful :slight_smile:

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Yes it’s very rarely I have something “out there” experience wise :slight_smile:

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He is subtle, in my experience, yet His presence is unmistakable. Sometimes there can be noticeable things like flashes or even sounds, but I think that depends on the practitioner. And yes, He did find the circle funny. :smile:


I mean, everything Sumerian can be helpful :joy:

I get that.

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