King Belial experience

So I am back to my country of residence now. When I first tried to contact King Belial and Grand Duke Dantalion , I was travelling to the neighbouring country hence I decided to burn my first sigil ( for personal reasons) but I promised to continue with the pact with them once I’m back to my home base.

Anyway, I am planning to get in touch with them again this coming full moon and I wanted to make it really special by offering liquor (vodka ? ), flowers (sunflower? ), scented oil ( jasmine oil?). Thoughts please?

Additional note - As I read more about King Belial, I am heavily convinced that great things came to me because of his help. That’s why for the newbies out there like me – just believe, concentrate, be true to your feelings , and you will feel his presence that is unexplainable but fulfilling.