King Belial - Dreams

just want to know if any of you have experiences with sexual dreams while working with Belial,i mean,last night i had again one of those crazy sexual dreams,but this time too much different as the girl wanted to have sex in the street,yea she just wnated to lay there in the middle of all movement,we started to fuck in a very movimented street.

well,normally all my dreams are like that,related to sex since i made the first contact with him

what we can achieve with sexual dreams,i mean,is there a special meaning that i dont know?


I think he’s teasing you Ben… Reminding you that you need to be thinking more about Sex and you should crush the enemies that do not agree and oppose Belial’s Will. He may have even been giving you a small reward. lol


Well we all know the balial is all about pleasure and sex , so take it as treat :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

On the other hand he might be sending you a massges thro this dreams
For example public sex symbols steping out your comfort zones and public/social phobias if you have any .

maybe his telling to step out your confront zone and go fuck someone in the meddle of the street
Hmm Maybe
just maybe

But still go for it :joy:


public phobia that’s it,i feel too much anxious especially on metro,must be the violence level that is getting to the maximum here…
to the point that every day of life is a challenge,just to be alive to live another one
there’s a lot of things that we learn when we live in danger,this adrenaline mixed with danger is crazy,also the lack of sleep contribute,funny that i dont feel tired …
i feel that he want me to stay alert and more receptive


he is giving me good rewards,even my table changed,right at where my boss were sitting

and it started today with the big changes in the company,but i am still young so i am in the middle of a bunch of old wolfs that like to play a very unfair game to me,the dispute of position,funny that they are slowly falling and losing their seats,some by age,some by choice,i noticed that the ones that have the high positions are the less qualified that have no college graduation…

must be the corruption in the public area

and i feel that he is smashing the structure of this place
just for example,even the ones that were the most confident are going down

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that’s the message that i have in my head
Belial is capable of change an entire structure and if he is playing in your favor he will even change/shake/smash those structures,it will affect people around you to accomodate you,it is like a carrousel and he is the owner of the seats

BELIAL is a GOD and i am sure that he is in the top of power
he sure have power in the earth

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Did you know the girl? Did she look familiar? If she is its to let you know you can have whomever you want when you want in your dreams when you can learn to lucid dream.

Or in my experience Belial hijacks my dreams often and makes them sexual when they werent originally. He’ll send another spirit or familiar(he’s a king I assume there’s plenty in his legions to choose from) to take an attractive form.

There could be a lot of reasons why he might give you these dreams but repressing sexual desire can lead to a lot of personal problems or physical tension etc.Mastering sexual desire has a lot to do with controlling your energy as a whole.So he may just be trying to get you to see the health benefits

I am curious how did the world around you stop or slow down? Did the traffic seem like they were going around you as if they were bending to his or your will? That is the moment you can try to take control.

i am feeling solid,rational and with strong bases but i am feeling too much in alert this days…i am seeing too much crimes,fuck,today is an example that i saw another crime,it seems that i am always close to the scene in the place that a crime happens…

maybe he is showing me all this things to dry my weakness

one thing is true,when you see all this shit on tv is one thing,when you start to see shit happening,it is a whole different experience and then the fake veil of safeness is broken and tha nyou start to build your own safeness,thats where the things start to change…

its like,hey dude,you better be ready or they will do that with you too…

this kind of thing