King Belial and Personal Growth

Last week I made a fairly significant decision regarding my path.
Afterwards (and I mean within moments) I began to feel the weight of my decision. It felt good, like I had finally decided to stop being my own victim. I felt confident for the first time in years. Depression loosened its death-grip on me.

I attributed this change to a particular entity, seeing as my astral senses aren’t good enough to see who’s actually around me spiritually. I thanked him, but didn’t get any feeling of a response.

Instead, I find several topics covering Belial. People talking about his changing their lives, bolstering their abilities. A close friend of mine tells me he has a court date soon, and when I check to see which demons help with legal proceedings, it’s Belial again.

Should I stop fucking around and get at it? Could this just be me misinterpreting signs? Something else entirely?


Trust your feelings! You can always evoke Belial and ask.


Good advice!


I don’t know man. I think I’ve got latent fear of Belial.

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You know I felt similar, at least I felt he would be the least likely to help me. But I had a change of attitude similar to yours, and fairly quick after making contact. He was pretty reassuring at first, really fucking surprised me.

Then I felt like he was fucking with me at one point, like I know you asked for this, but that will be better for you. Again, I was unsure of how to deal with the situation, so I was kinda like that’s all well and good, I’ll compromise here, but drawing a line there. I got the sense of him agreeing, along with thinking I’m kinda a dumbass for passing on a technically better opportunity. At the same point, I kinda felt like he approved of me taking a firm stance on what I wanted as well, almost as if the whole scenario was a test of my resolve, or character .

At the end of the day, the demon I was most hesitant about, I feel closest too. He seems to make himself known the quickest as well. I really like him.


Ah hell. I guess I’m going to.
I don’t consciously know if I’m ready, but I feel ready.


Belial might be a useful entity for me to get to know one day, just because we’re so different. He might be able to help me cover that weakness.

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I evoked Belial. I have a working I need done soon, and if he comes through on it then I’m willing to work with him further in the future. I’ll update again if it works. I offered wine, strawberries, incense, and patchouli leaves.


Update: The evocation was for a very time sensitive event I needed changed for a friend. In essence, it was to turn out shitty no matter how I looked at the options.

I evoked him, gave a letter of intent, and presented the above mentioned offerings. I asked him to sway events in favor of the friend.

Today was the day, and a third option presented itself. The event was delayed by a week.

So far, things seem to be going well. Will update further as this develops.


The delay gives more time for something better to work out. Everything happens for a reason, even the bizarre.


That’s my hope, currently.


I asked my friend today how he’s been feeling since I set Belial to the task. He says he’s been mellowed out lately, keeping more in control of his emotions.

He then mentioned dreams he’s been having, featuring a tall middle eastern man. He’s dressed nicely, has rings on his fingers (but not gawdy or absurd), and people in the room with him in the dream get quiet when this man walks in.

I’m intrigued. I’ll continue to update.


When I was feeling vengeful I thought about going to Belial to curse a business. Didn’t end up going through with it, which was probably best. I was walking through a shopping mall and decided to “feel out” for Belial. And these rough-housey guys walked past, tossing something between each other and one got quite close to me to catch it right at that moment. And I felt that fear I got from a time I was attacked. So that was interesting.

I’d like to gain the strength to overcome the fear of physical violence, just to feel tougher. But it’s still vile to me.

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In my brief experience, Glasya-labolas would be better suited to the task I believe, him and Belial together are a potent combination.

Update: Court date came and went, with another delay. It was pushed back to September. Still a rather ambiguous sign, but I’m hoping it bodes well.


To the two or so people who read this series of posts, I apologise for not updating.
The case was delayed several more times, and it would’ve been dull to update every other week with “Yeah the case got delayed and again and again.”
However, the date finally came to pass. My friend has managed to survive his own choices with no jail time, exactly as described in the deal we struck.
So now I uphold my end of the bargain, public recognition.

Hail Belial! Scorpion Lord, he with no master! His works are true, his power strong.


Nice to hear things worked out well for your friend. He’s lucky to have you and Belial in his corner!

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Honestly the same happened to me before I even asked him to do a task for me.

I just kept reading about him for a little bit but felt him around me and it’s like all of a sudden I got more ballsy and know what I want in this physical life and that I’ll attain it. I’ll have it all.

It’s like his energy really rubbed off on me somehow.

I recently evoked Belial for help with psychic development and soon after I felt an energetic experience you could say almost like some things were being messed with inside. It was quite odd and I am not sure how to explain it properly. I as well am not that great with astral senses and that is why I evoked him. All day after I have felt a tremendous change internally and spiritually. I have felt great and energetic even if physically my body was tired. My depression has also lessened thus far.