King Beleth

My experience with king beleth seems pretty unusual

I was on a voice call with my friend and i heard a loud cat meow behind me i asked my friend and he said he has no cats i also have no cats

The next day i was researching the goetia i became attracted to beleth after watching dh thornes video i learned that the emperor is associated with him and it is a type of love spirit

Then i made a discovery that cats are associated with beleth (pictures and balg thread)

I did a divination on the thoth deck and got Princess of disks THE EMPEROR and the aeon

I decided to do a invocation during the invocation i felt like i was talking to myself in my and it was quite disturbing during this i heard a low feminine voice hiss stop or leave and then i instantly stopped talking and felt a surge of energy and then there was this very peaceful calm sensation in the room
after this i felt the middle of my chest have a surging pressure(heart chakra) which makes sense because love spirit

At the end of the invocation i remembered my friend told me to ask if she is my patron so i decided to do so with tarot as i am not great at hearing spirits

I got victory the sun and the lover

Today i did a random tarot and it was princess of cups the emperor and queen of wands

Pretty stoked