King Beleth - Need help please!


Hello, as you can see my name’s Agiel. I started my demonolatry path by working with Lilith first, an entity that still stands close with me. I actually only found out about her due to a dream that I had with her sigil, so after a little bit of investigation I knew who she was. Anyways, lately I’ve been feeling drawn to King Beleth and have been feeling a pull towards him.

The matter at hand

Without wasting too many words, I need some help. I’d like to know about experiences and/or just general information/advice with this specific demon. Many websites defend that to summon/work with him I need to use the triangle of Solomon, etc. Personally, that’s not my style of working… I don’t really feel the need to be disrespectful to a demon and “force” him to work with me. So my first question is, do I really need to do so? Or is it only a type of metaphor to let me know that I should protect myself when invoking him? Anyways, all and any info is welcome! Thank you! :slight_smile:

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That is the mistake most people make. Using a circle doesn’t mean force or disrespect. There is TRADITION! That’s how Solomon received this knowledge; he has powers and he used it, abused it.

Having a gun at home doesn’t mean… you’re an oppressor, or you oppress visitors you get.


You don’t need to do that I feel that way to…I never use those things…

Morality and ethics are not about what you can do. They’re about what you choose to do with the tools at your disposal.

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I do not mean that I am not able or uncomfortable with using a circle. I mean that I am uncomfortable with using the “traditional” method of using incantations and threats to force the demon to work with me, which is what’s described on almost every website. Hence the question, if its a necessity to do so.

And I’m saying there is no force or threat there if you really have the knowledge of this Art. It’s just so simple.

Are we talking of visible or physical appearance here? If it’s just to call the Spirit, to be seen with your mind’s eye, then there is no need of anything like circle.

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I haven’t personally worked with Beleth even though i considered it for a while. In my personal opinion we shouldn’t have to “force” anyone to do our bidding, i haven’t used this way with the circle and triangle for some reasons, but just do it as you feel like it. Ask politely, you dont have to use the “traditional” way if you dont want to, most of them are friendly and i’m sure someone would like to help, many here don’t even “follow” so to speak a particular ritual or something, as long as there’s sigil and asking or petition or something it worked for me so far.


Thank you, Wonderland.

I will most definitely take your advice and do as I see fit, which is what should always be done I believe. I do know that most of them are more polite and friendly than people let them believe. I learned this by working with Lilith.

I’ll find out by trial and error what’s best, since most sites are just confusing and contradictory. Thank you. :slight_smile:

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You’re welcome. I’m sorry for not being able to help more. I hope it all works out well for you. :slight_smile:

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I don’t know what kind of fantasy you’re living in but I’ve felt King Beleths energy and trust me it’s super understanding if the magichian casts a protection spell etc. I’ve worked with different demons and some are friendly yes but some as ex. Azazel, Belial and Andras I’ve had to cast a protection spell in some moments and some not. They can indeed be harmful if something goes wrong and when it comes to Beleth I wouldn’t wanna double cross him after sensing his energy. Working with demons isn’t safe or super dangerous, I’ve known people that got hurt by demons when something went wrong. When you really get an experience you’ll understand, but ofcourse not all are a threat, it depends on whom your working with and how you act, behave and respect.

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You’ve helped quite a lot, I thank you for that. :slight_smile:

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The OP need this words, not me. Check here.

Advice on working with Demons? Haha Working with Demons are super dangerous and isn’t safe? Well, for newbie, you can say that.


It’s understanding that you’re calling me a newbie when I have 9 years experience. The more you speak the more I can see how inexperienced you are. Good luck on finding experience and knowledge! And no, I know this person very well and he knows more than you think. He is simply asking about Beleth in general since he needs to know everything he can before working with him. Have a great day :wink:

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That is the mistake you people are always making! Read with your eyes, not your mind. Give those advice to a newbie, not me. That’s what I wrote up there! Ahhh!

I’m not the one to tell that Demons are super dangerous to work with or are not safe to work with. When did I say you’re a newbie? Words like this shouldn’t be hurtful if you JUST READ IT.
I don’t care whatever you say about me. I’ve been through many of it here. Lol

I gave a simple point. The OP need advice on Beleth, not me. So give’em that reply, not me. And the dangerous thing you talked about, I said a newbie need it.
Take care.

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What did he say that you had to make an argument , he’s experienced as well if you read his other posts, all he did was give his advice that a circle can be helpful , there’s nothing wrong with that advice

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I already got advice from everyone that replied to this post, whatever happened let’s let it go and not re-kindle the burned out flame.

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