King Bayemon/King Paimon Q&A (in the comment section)

I’m cleaning up my temple now, and I will then evoke King Bayemon / King Paimon. I’m calling him by the Black Dragon Grimoire name because I sense more energy in it.

In this thread, I’ll post the Q&A below. If you have any questions for him, you can quickly add them here before I start.


I got a question…
How will humanity end?
Would Like to hear his perspective… good luck! :sunny:

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“In an explosion of fiery enlightenment”




Oops sorrii… lol.
Thanks for answering, Lucifer :smile_cat:


@Ravenxoxo damn, sorry, I didn’t catch that.

Alright so I since I don’t know much about King Bayemon outside of Lemegeton (and I only had 1 or 2 encounters with him), I decided to ask him questions which are related to him. To get to know him better. I then went onto V.K. Jehannum’s blog to see correspondences. I’m pretty satisfied with the results (even though there were differences). It’s especially comforting as I failed yesterday’s evocation, aha.

Here’s the Q&A:

Me: Explain to me the importance of names. I was told that your name Bayemon has qualitative differences from your other name Paimon. I also sense more energy when I use your name Bayemon. Why?

King Bayemon: Names are important to you, not us. Names allow you to classify things, and facilitate obtaining knowledge about them. But, in doing so,you limit the thing you’ve named. By giving us names, you limit us to a specific paradigm. By uttering the name “Paimon” you, willingly or not, tap into an aspect of my nature. By uttering the name “Bayemon,” you tap into another. This is how you can know me, know us. Piece by piece. But you’ll never be able to grasp our entirety. Not yet.

Me: I understand. You’ve probably heard this before - but are you Azazel? Quite a few people claim that you are, and you two feel a lot alike to me. You both have that djinn plus demonic feel to it.

King Bayemon: We are two fingers of the same hand, each finger pointing in a different direction.

(he refused to go into more detail about that)

Me: What planets are you attributed to?

King Bayemon: Mercury, Jupiter, The Sun, The Black Sun, Neptune, and Mars.

Me: What Qlipha are you attributed to?

King Bayemon: Thagirion, primarily. Also, Thaumiel and Gamchicoth.

Me: What are some of your specialties that aren’t too well known?

King Bayemon: I teach alchemy, and reveal secrets of The Black Sun. I can help one with their astral senses, and commune with their shadow-self. I do reveal all secrets, after all.

Me: Do the first revealed 4 Gatekeepers correspond with The Watchers, and the 4 Cardinal Kings?

King Bayemon: Not entirely. I am a watcher, and so is Amaymon. My other two brothers are not.

Me: Why do you insist on being referred to as King Paimon, or King Bayemon, instead of just Paimon or just Bayemon.

King Bayemon: I show you respect when I grant you an audience. I expect you to do the same in return. That’s all you need to know.


…now I understand this will be controversial because of the Azazel-Paimon/Bayemon thing, but, that’s just what happened. I usually do not syncretize spirits. This just happened. I’ve asked for a signature and for him to flash the sigil. He confirmed that who he said he was. The worst scenario, my mind could’ve gotten in the way, but that wording doesn’t seem like something I’d say.


Thanks for this chance.
I don’t know King Bayemon, nor I think I ever heard his name.
But I’m always curious what’s the real power according to Demons or Angles, but in particular to Kings.
I’d really appreciate if you’d ask this.

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@karasu , King Bayemon would be a higher emanation of King Paimon. King Paimon being a King who is under the rulership of Corson, whereas King Bayemon would be a King who has rulership over other kings, alongside of Amaymon, Egym, and Magoa. Also, Bayemon would be an equal to Amaymon, whereas Paimon is his aspect which is lower ranking.

This is how I understand it, at least. When I went to check something with spirits, they simply told me that King Bayemon (or what I seem to be calling Bayemon, rather) is a higher emanation of King Paimon. And btw, Bayemon is a name you can find in the Black Dragon grimoire.

You’ll have to be more specific about this. I’ll ask next time when I speak with Amaymon or Magoa, just let me know what you mean exactly by “what’s the real power?”


You’re right.
I mean physical power, in this world,what is real might.
According to King Paimon, if I remember correctly was him, power was the ability to manipulate people.
Instead, according to another deity, can’t remember who, real might derives from knowledge.
I hope this was more specific

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Oh. Same thing as King Paimon, since they’re one and the same. Except, Bayemon is a ‘larger’ aspect. There might be some things that the Bayemon manifestation specializes at better than his Paimon manifestation.

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